The Best Penny Stocks Today Offer Great Lessons

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Take advantage of our 30-70% off holiday sale at and prepare better as while this was a great day for students with solid lessons from today’s biggest morning spikes on SKLN and OGEN and there’s even lessons when I’m wrong on an earnings winner like CARA and you must be PREPARED ahead of time with strategy and rules!


Edgar Camacho says:

i love when u said Education is a Marathon! so true!

Ron Nicholas says:

Why are you teaching African kids how to trade penny stocks lol

Lanie Lane says:

thank for the advice, I'm planning going to be going into penny stock next year. just my goal for right now is to just learn every little detail about the stock market before I just jump in so I do thank you for the awesome and very informative videos YAHUSHWA BARAKH YOU AND YOU'RE FAMILY

Tayler LaChapelle-Brown says:

What software are you using to see the real time candle sticks?

JSSY O says:

Nice efforts you put into your organizations. #Motivation

Sareiviseth Diep says:

how do I get started and pick stocks like you do Tim?


Good job building schools and giving the unfortunate an opportunity and hope.

tun roc says:

damn! study? so many dvds and so expensive. where do i start

Jonathan Z says:

Hey Tim I don't know if you're still online, but I'm going to ask anyways. What do I buy to start? Should I purchase the HowToMakeMillions DVD or TimAlerts?

Ryan Meure says:

What's your opinion on the "new" chart that e-trade provides, do you use it at all?

amryn jeffrey says:

I may get blasted for asking this but what platform do you use to trade on?

optic9 says:

Great video Tim, enjoying watching

phil w says:

the wifi LOL every time theres a twitter fight u say oh lesson then promote hehehehe

Nathaniel Wilson says:

Should you be trading in a IRA account so you are not taxed? Sorry if you already have a video on this link me please.

Carlos Gorge says:

What software is that

Laura Avila says:

Do you have a video on how you use stocks to trade to find the stocks you want?

GetMoney says:

Tim have you ever used the trading app "Robbinhood"?

BlancoandBlanco Tv says:

hey tim im a new member to your silver membership i want to say i had a successful 1st trade on SKNL got 244 in 15 min that's more I make all day at a reg 9-5 so thank you sir.

Bilal Ahmadzai says:

I remember rule number one cute loose ASAP, and rule number two, don't forget rule number one, love your teaching Tim, learning so much from you.

123mcgarrigle says:

This channel is just a big advertisement, this guy doesn't make hardly any of his money from trading, "$400" today. The guy isn't the best trader and he charges astronomical prices, don't deny it Tim, we know it's true.

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