The Best Screeners – Finding Lists of Penny Stocks

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Stock screeners allow you to find lists of penny stocks to trade. You can choose the criteria you want, then you will have only those stocks which meet those parameters returned to you.

Whether using, or your broker, or even Google or Yahoo Finance, you will be able to narrow down your list of potential trading targets… which is so important when it comes to trading penny stocks.

Never trade penny stocks without first finding some top picks, by using a reliable stock screener. Then do what we do at, whereby we look into each of the shares which “survived” our screens to find the best opportunities for investing.

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Eduardo Jaen says:

Thank you Peter for all your great videos! Beginner question here: What measurement would you apply to a stock for it to be considered a low float stock? For example how many floating shares outstanding and market cap size? Thanks.

Robert Falace says:

Peter have you put up the blog for the parameters for the screeners yet

mirko pahnke says:

How to find stocks with a screener for just OTC-BB? In under exchange there is no option.

1988joshua says:

Hey Mr. Leeds. Beginner here and have a quick question. I am wanting take make 250K within the next 3years (my goal) to pay off my house. My question is, should I buy and sell penny stocks or trade penny stocks? Maybe both? Which is best for my goal? Thanks for all your videos and support. Videos are very high quality and professional. Cheers!

Rodriguez Stark says:

Tried out equity feed? Im super happy with it

mirko pahnke says:


i m from germany and really like this channel. I m a beginner and would like to start with penny stocks. Today i got the book Penny Stocks for Dummies which i ordered at amazon. One question i have, what broker could you suggest to start with. The broker need to accept international applicants. I m a bit tight on budget for now , so would like to choose the cheaper option.
I m also thinking about to apply for the paid option at to get the guidelines on choosing the right penny stocks.

bxnyc77 says:

can you do a video on what parameters to look out for when using a stock screener

PotatoeKuality says:

Great video thanks much appreciated do you have any video of when a penny stock is a good price to buy

Roaster says:

Great video btw do you hold on a penny stock for days or even weeks or do you just buy and sell it the same day and what's your thoughts on SKLN

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