The Best Stock For Overnight Positions

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Devon Obercian says:

It's a process ????????????

Ron Stefanson says:

Tim Sykes, your a great teacher and trader, thanks so much for all you great advice, I'm just getting started trading, and listening to you and some of your students that are "MILLIONAIRES", really gets me pumped to try and be the same as you guys! cheers from Comox, Vancouver Island, in super natural British Columbia Canada. PS. I will develop good habits.

Rony Sarkissians says:

Its a process.

Imad Ul Haq says:

Your way of brain storming is awesome !!

Tibor Csuprik says:

Yo Tim your awesome! I just have one small suggestion if I may. Get someone to go through all of those thousands of video's and pick te best ones. Make a compilation of that and sell that as a dvd. Win win situation right there friend! Thanks Tim! I'll talk at ya one day… 🙂

super brutus says:

It is a process.

StichRulez Motivation says:

It's a process. Thank you for sharing Tim!

Ron Rosete says:

Thanks Tim!!

Elijah Kigilyuk says:

it's a process

Blue Collar Bike Werks says:

It's a process

Jedi G. says:

it's a process. Ty Tim!

Cool Jack says:

it's a process ???

Brian Ford says:

@Timothy Sykes : My first video watched of you and i'm excited to get to know the process!

Clifton says:

It is a process!

Jose Alcantara says:

Wish I had already 25k so I could trade like I want to. Will have to do it slowly.

Tommy Shuff says:

A tip heads up for all look and study CBIS – Cannabis Science stock this is a small penny stock but as I looked and watched and may be right the stock looks like its a short coming to a 30- 33 day gainer stock spikes small but still small buy in to a small big sell out for those who has the money to do this it may go up soon its already in its 30 days now but still low at this moment can shoot up.

Elias Dobieski says:


Elias Dobieski says:

Go Tim! Team Tim!

Lil Cammo says:

hey tim, I appreciate you . I'm 18 broke learning the ins and outs of the stock market. thank you

Michael Kramp says:

Where are the emas?

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