The Best Stock To Dip Buy Today | 50% In Less Than 2 Hours!

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Grab my Thanksgiving sale at and save on STT too at and please, please, please learn this pattern as you can see it happen again and again and again and again and again!

0:22 I’m in Asia visiting the schools I’m building and am trading stocks at night
0:41 Airs tonight at 9 PM EST on Bravo, watch Below Deck. Not sure what to expect! Hopefully they don’t make me look ridiculous 😛
1:18 There’s good and bad from the show. I don’t mind looking like an A$$, so long as I can make $70K on board a yacht with only wifi, I’m happy!
2:50 Bitcoin has climbed substantially, and because I didn’t announce the winner right away it cost me an extra $4,000!
4:10 If you like the videos of me donating money to charity, leave a comment below this video saying “I Like This”. I’m curious to see how many of you guys do like it!
4:42 Stockstotrade are also having sales, make sure you invest in your education
5:02 Had a few good trades today, some better than others
5:12 I find that with my best stock trades, I leave a lot on the table
6:52 In an hour 45 minutes you can make 50% on your money if you time it perfectly
10:27 This was the exact same pattern. Look for this pattern, because I specifically alerted it before I made the trade.
12:12 It’s not as hard as you might think to spot the bottom, you just need to learn from your past. Experience with stock trading is EVERYTHING
14:01 Penny stocking framework shows the 7 step pattern for trading stocks
14:42 Some people think that I’m crazy, but I’m not. There are patterns for trading stocks and I have hundreds of patterns on how to make a few thousand dollars at a time
17:55 When I make 2-3 thousand dollars on a trade, I many times leave 5, 6, 7 thousand dollars on the table.
18:46 One of my top students have made over 5 million trading stocks
20:18 Set your DVR’s and make sure you watch me on Bravo at 9 PM EST tonight!
20:54 Leave a comment below saying “I Like it” if you like video lessons like this


Cool Jack says:

I always like your videos this one was awsome!!

Tamara Bogan says:

Made 130.00 on BTSC with a 1500 account…Love the lessons Thx!

Nicole Michael says:


Cleveland Guru says:

I think this! I follow you on instagram. I think you so awesome. Also, i love the fact that you so so busy you still time to comment on the post on Instagram with me

Robert Rouse says:

I like this. Shout out from Newark, NJ Tim! Im 33. Been trading 15 days. Made $600. I'm your next star student! Email me Peace!

4ctrader RN says:

I like it! 😀

Labarron Kennedy says:

I like this

Alan Murray says:

How do you get to his chat ?

Andre Henry says:

I like this …. savage

Jesus quezada says:

What's a good broker to use? Which one(s) does Tim use? Anyone know?

Mahavir Singh Peshi says:

Amazing, I like it

armen gharibian says:

i like it!!!

My own boss says:

Just had the biggest loss of my trading carreer yesterday..I guess this just came on time

SpartaTek9 says:

I Like It, Tim thx for The Lessons.

Pär Näslund says:

Like it and i don’t even trade stocks. Yet anyway.

Miguel Campos says:

I like it. Thanks Tim really useful lessons. You don't need to trade these patterns you need to learn them ahead of time so when the dip buy comes you are ready to execute!

420 infusion says:

I like this lil sad tho hustle mode I wish u could be my teacher 🙃

Htoo Thaw says:

i like it Tim. i lost $14 today. Damn.

Anzelle Whitsett says:

I like it! Thanks Tim

JOY CHEN says:

i like this .. you are awesome

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