The Best Stocks This Thanksgiving And Preparing For Friday

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Take advantage of our 35-70% off blowout Thanksgiving sale at and prepare, prepare, prepare…holiday trading is different from regular trading so you need to be in my chatroom by 9-9:15am EST Friday morning to be ready for several probable spikes


Shia Schwartz says:

$250,000 for sending out text messages? Can anyone explain this?

E Lusby says:

Anyone know a good premarket scanner or site that shows premarket gainers?

mjacob60 says:

Is the sale on profitly pro yearly?

Future says:

Hahaha lmao go to 11:05 and read what some guy commented on this guys tweet, it's at the bottom of the page. And I don't agree with that rude guys comment, any profit is good profit

Robert Arends says:

Hey Tim, which DVD would you recommend I buy to get started? How to make millions?

J Burg says:

CAN U DO A VIDEO on platforms etrade, td, ect robinhood, interactive… ALOT OF PEOPLE ARE ON ROBINHOOD NOW! talk about platforms software, what is the best ???

J Burg says:

i was in ESEA when it made the big jump last week but i didnt sell it in time… was up $300 … now im not

Karan Sandhu says:

thank you Tim, great info. Happy Thanksgiving!

Austin Dirksen says:

Did you see the comment at 11:00 minuets in on Adams post?

Oussama Hamdach says:

im new to Penny Stocks, what is the Software used in this Video.

Jeremia Ditshehle says:


Miguel Diaz says:

Happy Thanksgiving Tim. It seems as though you are sick often, I just watched one of your Youtube videos that was posted last year and you were also sick in that video. Take care of yourself man! Thanks for the videos – I truly appreciate it

Eddie Otero says:

50 percent on a weed stock is what I heard

Eddie Otero says:

Happy Thanksgiving

mrmagniffy says:

Thank you Mr Sykes and you have a safe return sir !!!!

More Peace says:

Thank you Sir! And blessing of #wealthandHeath to you and your family.

BasicRANDON says:


Went to your sight and did the contact thing. Hope to hear from you, if not your team whose in charge of it.

daysgone says:

help me, I don't know how to make profit trading penny stocks in one day

Kiwi says:

is ESEA the gaming business? Or is that me just thinking about video games again >.>

Carlos Gorge says:

How do you find these before they spike

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