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Numerounoakano1 says:


Delman says:

Hmm, Bullish, lol, holds hands up, mind you, have said, up to end of the year, all eyes in apples earnings now and tax, if that all goes well, expect market much higher, just like 2000 and 2007, so still predicting a big big fall, just getting delayed because of the big players, intel and google and amazon, but mattel and jc penny and expedia and chevron and gild and merck and wynn getting hammered, anything over 2% down I always call hammered. Anyway short term, bullish, interested hdge is up, think cause of those i mentioned here and others, being shorted and they have fallen hard. Anyway bring it on, higher it goes, the massive, not bigger, the massive the fall.
Think, these big players making the market go higher, two things i think. 1: with the dollar stronger and these guys like google and intel and others hitting it out of the park, likely cause of higher dollar, have margins squeezed next time, possibility anyway. 2: Fed raising rates be a certain if the market is all ok before it, and might raise anyway regardless, AND because all is so well, with the market at moment and big guys, like amazon doing so well and microsoft, intel, google all up, it could accelerate, or least give impression of that, the rate hikes, maybe a 0.50 increase get talked about, or 4 raises next year. THIS is what likely tank the market as it goes arghhh oh no here we go. So one to watch. My thinking in the weeks ahead anyway. :). Blessings all, have a great weekend.

Delman says:

Well all top companies reporting great earnings, so bulls should kill it tomorrow, :(, LOL, happy to be wrong, only apple and tax now send the down down. Before all that i called it, if can call it that, on nasdaq, cause weak, but these earnings might just be what is needed to push, or pull nasdaq back up again, so small pullback as such. The lesson of not jumping too quickly, eh, lol. We shall in coming weeks, once all this settles, likely be rates, if raise them, jan 2018 be horrible, i bet, but we shall see.

Delman says:

Told ya, it's coming, lol Nasdaq a lame duck, all eyes on intel and google earnings now, if they sell off, ouch, get worse and soon spx and dji will likely join in then and start a down trend. You should waited Dow struggling to hold 80 up, if finishes lower than 100, worse than yesterday, gradually stepping down. I remain a bear, changed sides a bit early, but has to be a pullback and it's coming. But happy yo be wrong, lol, got stock that benefit from if goes up and got bear equity stock if goes down, so covered in a way. We shall see anyway.

Delman says:

I am NOT being big headed or smug, I did warn though, and might be a one day blip we shall see rest of week, but Nasdaq, had already fallen, think in downtrend now, certainly Russel 2000, nasdaq and likely now s&p, Dow, well, still iffy, but think no longer embedded as Ira Epstein says on the stochastic, so yikes.

Ashu Juneja says:

This strategy should work very well on commodities because most of the time they are like one way traffic.

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