The Best vs. Worst Stock Brokers To Use

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Read for more details, but know that it doesn’t matter how good you are of a trader, if your broker or prop firm fails and shuts down you lose 100% of your money so I prefer big, safe multi-billion dollar brokers no matter the potential upside of cheaper, smaller brokers #safetyfirst


Brandon Requenez says:

I love Robinhood. I am a long investor. Free commission worth it.

Andrew TheDrew says:

I have E-Trade and just recently downloaded Robinhood. I'm going to give Robinhood a try, even though you do not recommend it. Just going to dip my toe in first.
– Andrew

King Delamuela says:

I will be safe

Sanjay Pratap says:

You never mentioned td ameritrade …their short list sucks

pablo fuentes says:

im from canada ..what do you guys recommend ? interactive broker? thanks!

RICH 852 says:


RICH 852 says:


Rebecca Huo says:

I will be safe

13mrbolivar says:

Tim, you’re the best teacher! I love the analogy of losing battles to win the war. I will be safe. Like you say, cut losses quickly.

Harlan Bassham says:

Tim Thank you for answering this nagging question I have about brokers! Etrade was my #1 pick and you confirmed that in this video.. Again thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

Shamari Knox says:

I think someone is impersonating you with gmail emails 🤔

Harry D says:

Thanks Tim, I will make sure my loss is at a very minumum if Robinhood does go under. Most of my funds are in Fidelity, which I trust

Derrick McDuffy says:

How can I join the team

Hal Knowles says:

i will be safe thanks tim

TheAnigai says:

I will be safe. Watch me on Tim, I'll be patiently making my way towards being one of your millionaire students.

Marcus Chan says:

Thanks for the video!! Tim, what do you do for your "free time" if you have any because as a trader, i dont really have much. Like what you do for entertainment? Can you give us a brief insight to your schedule?? 🙂

Global Algorithmic Trading says:


Pat Fonta says:

i will be safe

Skip1Proprietor says:

I will be safe.

Ricky Gutierrez says:

love the idea you shared, if you use promo code:220 from td ameritrade you get 500 free trades!

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