The Big Problem with Bitcoin

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The Big Problem with Bitcoin

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indy sharky says:

Kind of ironic that everyone is betting on banks and financial institutions to trigger the next bull run.. and shoot themselvs in the foot at the same time ? However some banks or some high net individuals might decide to get in .. if they will be allowed too.. However not ETF's for pension funds etc – the big status quo will be the least to try to join.. Look at what happened with mobile.. Blackberry, Nokia etc..they had years to prepare and they still could not do anything .. Maybe new online/mobile banks… high tech based finance will be more BTC friendly.. however doubt they need an ETF .. they can create products in the space .. intermediate etc ect

Minnie Mouse Rapes says:

There will never be stability in crypto prices versus fiat….there will only be price stability against other cryptos.

By the time crypto reaches market maturity, people won't cry about price volatility in the crypto prices against fiat, because it will always be "oh, I made 10% more today by not holding fiat" as opposed to the current, "Oh, I lost 10%."

But try explaining that to the Get Rich Quick retards.

آگهی و نیازمندیهای وین کالا says:

سلام لطفا به من کمک کنید. من ورشکستم و به کمک نیاز دارم اگر بتوانید به من کمک کنید، این حساب بیت کوین من است، مهم نیست چقدر سخت است. 36j5SYxWoiiWVnJot2guMVqjbRC6DP2U99

Omega Proxy says:

? Yes! One of my favorite videos that you've done in a while. Enjoyed you getting into the dirty details and forces at play. For that I give you the heart sandwich ?

Omega Proxy says:

Minute 1:23 til 2:08…..

Dr Williams says:

Why don't we all do what the whales are doing? Set a specific day for EVERYONE to cash out (dump day).. then watch it bottom.. and buy back in ?? 🙂

Tiny Room Studio says:

the "gains" were not hard fought. they were two short and ineffective manipulations. they failed before they started because they were pathetically small and failed to generate any enthusiasm and trade volume

Vinh Tran says:

proof of work coins are over except for bitcoin

Jazeapokergod A says:

You nailed it.

RideOrangeKTM says:

If you wonder if you should buy or sell are not ready. But let me help.

Every single market goes down some point in time. What we have to look at is not that the market goes down.. (because we know it will) but the behavior while going down and where we see some kind of support. (Where the price loose its momentum going down).
Lately on bitcoin price action we saw:
Major support looks to be at around 3,000$.
The last tested resistance is about 4,000$ right now.
In the last few month the price went down to 3,500 and bounced at 4,000 showing a small bullish bias among investor.
You can panic or seize your opportunity. I personally like to wait for some kind of confirmation.
An investment is a calculated guess and risk.

But should i buy or sell right now?

The answer is… there is no right or wrong answer, at this precise date the price shows a support forming again at 3,500$. Perhaps retesting our support again.
but is it a place to buy? yes.
Is it a place to sell? Also yes.
When we see an area forming like this i call it a price action and the price is more likely to move in a certain direction.
But not necessarily all the time and it also doesn't mean always in your favor.
It gives you an edge on the market and that's what you are looking for. Perhaps a steroid in the price meaning that it might spike in volatility and you will have an answer quickly if you did the right or bad move.

I strongly recommend trading this market on a demo for at least 6 month before spending hard earn money on it.
The market is clearly bearish and there is probably more people selling then buying at this point. The key is to find support and resistance , use previous data, read about it and study the big picture before even thinking about buying or selling. Just like any market in the world.
You don't come across too many market that shows support at 3,000$ regardless how its worth today and that is my personal opinion. But its a market that can make you bankrupt very quickly if you don't manage your risk.

Thank you for reading.


obikanobi dombo says:

it not the best coin for merchants it is only the best coin for day and swingtraders

Damien Parsons says:

I don't think the yellow vest movement and Bitcoin will correlate much right now, However, some people may come out of this with a different perspective toward the world and possibly sway toward the Bitcoin economy, maybe… Bitcoin will be in a long, maybe multiple decades of long phases, with many dozens of accumulations before it can become this "New Economy" that people imagine. This process stands separate from our perception of it's value. After all, we measure it in dollars…. For a new economy to prevail, that measurement wouldn't even exist.

erNomic says:

You should have done the running man that whole video.

Mi Lan says:

yellow vests are great. the beginning of the revolution! FUCK THE SYSTEM*&!#@^$*&

user name taken says:

People who blame futures for BTC weakness are fucking morons. The basic principles of supply and demand apply. It’s called “MORE SELLERS THAN BUYERS”. Fucking retards. It always works both ways in every open market. These are the same idiotic, drooling retards that use sophomoric childish terms like “ HODL” and “FUD” and “BULDL”. Jesus, they sound like a bunch of Downs Syndrome twats. As long as we still have those morons blabbering on in that kiddy drivel, “real traders” will keep selling rally’s. Because believe it or not, those twits are the single greatest indicator of market sentiment. Once the “acronym retards” are forced out, then and only then, will BTC go up and be taken seriously.

Press Play says:

I've felt the same thing. They give just enough in price to pull in the credulous, right before they slam it back down to below their buy price. It's a greedy, mean game that has little to do with the basic crypto philosophy of replacing a corrupt system and instead gives it a seat at the head of the table.

Vladimir Tess says:

Issue is that when you buy something (eg Bitcoin) in dollar, the value of that commodity is valued in dollar. Bitcoin should not be measured in dollars but it is.

carmad51 says:

Let's be honest here, the only reason retail investors buy crypto is to get a profit if it goes up. If it goes down, some panic and sell. It's that hope of realising a gain that maintains the interest currently. If it becomes more stable, the interest due to the speculative aspect of crypto would vanish. At this stage it would have to have mainstream adoption to survive. The big question is whether this will ever happen, and will interest be so low because of it's new stable nature, it might never happen. What if it stabilised at a value that makes it unprofitable to mine.???

Andrés Colón says:

Great points. Enjoyed the video. Didn't like as much the video of the guy having the nasty fall or the kid getting a bat to the head as much.

Serbian Master says:

Interesting mention of yellow vests, I like it

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