The Bulls Are Coming Back In Bitcoin & Crypto Markets? | U.S. Stock Market Experiences Record Growth

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Are the bulls back in town for Bitcoin and crypto markets? BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, cryptocurrency and stocks news!

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stagnet04 says:

Ahahaha! Dude, that CNBC “indicator” is like 95% accurate. Had no idea they said that! I’m now officially 100% bearish, I’m waiting for the collapse to buy more. Thanks for the info….

Red Man says:

I think you may be reading sentiment wrong…..I think more people are feeling bearish now…..its time to be greedy…..

Apex Funny Moments says:

I think we will see a drop but I believe we are bullish. I believe the low is in, so bullish from here. Sure a downtrend might come, but it’s only going to lead to the next leg up

powertoachieve says:

Every time the markets moves up! All i hear: Its a bull trap and people will dump in a few days. I've been hearing that ever since BTC was at 3500 $.And to others just be careful and follow your heart and don't miss out ?

Chris Rock says:

Its called a rally. And what do we do. Short every freaking rally.

bob ami says:

we're bearish . market movers are trying to push it a bit higher then dump their load.

619 Trading says:

Bull trap sighted

MizzC says:

Run bulls run – great analysis

Email Alpha says:

Your consistency is a lighthouse in the storm….

Charles Blaisdell says:

Very nice analysis ???

M Morse says:

Will we see rapid growth in bitcoin. In 2020

Money Authority says:

How about that that CNBC signal? 😀

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