The Collapse Is Confirmed! Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse 2018 Stock Market CRASH!

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Even though the stock market continues to set new record high after new record high, poverty is exploding all over America. It is being reported that 41 million people are living in poverty at this moment, and 9 million of them do not receive a single penny of income from anyone. Once you have been unemployed for long enough, you don’t qualify for unemployment payments any longer, and once you are on the street there is nowhere for other governments programs to send a check to. I have previously discussed the rising epidemic of homelessness in our nation, but most people don’t want to think about that sort of a thing these days. Even though New York City has the most homeless since the Great Depression, and even though homelessness in Los Angeles is at an all-time record high, most people want to pretend that everything is just fine.

Well, the truth is that everything is not just fine.

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The Economic Doomsday is here. The second financial bubble is going to soon burst, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The Federal Reserve has set up the American economy for financial collapse for printing trillions of dollars back in 2008 and 2009.
The Federal Reserve’s policies of printing trillions of dollars back in ’08-09 have locked into place a serious financial crisis at some point in our future. Going so far as to intimate the financial collapse and market crash will occur at least some time in the next two years, “It’s unavoidable, and even Donald Trump can’t stop it.
Top economists predict that within the next 18-24 months, the imminent economic collapse will happen. The Federal Reserve has set up the American economy for financial collapse and market crash for printing trillions of dollars back in 2008 and 2009.
The Federal Reserve’s policies of printing trillions of dollars back in ’08-09 have locked into place a serious financial crisis….


Gigaloader says:

Why would Bitcoin and crypto collapse in a crash makes no sense!? When the dollar goes tanking the exact opposite will happen cryptos along with gold/silver will skyrocket. Cryptos are decentralized which makes them an excellent store of value as long as there is a real project backing them.

It's Okay to Eat Mayo says:

We are in a Depression. The stock market crashing will be the final nail in the coffin. 41mill homeless, 26% unemployment, 50% of Americans on government assistance. The final crash will be something most of us may not survive. The shitholers will kill us & take our supplies.

It's Okay to Eat Mayo says:

Invest in oil.

The God says:

You're fueling this with your energy

Kath Cohn says:

I am sorry, but I think this could be total b#llsh#t. This is unfair to people who are innocent, and who should be the ones responsible for this? Or, here is ANOTHER word? WHAT SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS? I think this video is total f#cking b#llshit, because it is suggesting that people who are innocent are going to be part of this. The people who are innocent, are probably NOT the wealthiest people in the world. There are people in this world who are not super wealthy, and while, if THAT is not enough, we have to worry about a CRASH? The reason why I think, I'm

Pravo K says:

Greetings from the wall St. the hell is this guy talking about. No crash till 2021. We would know. Don't buy his BS, don't miss out! invest now and make money. Buy SNAP at 12.86, MOMO, BABA, SMCI, KEM. Free money !

gurvirj95v2 says:

Rickards also said the dollar would collapse in Nov 2015. I know he's not really dumb enough to believe the North Korea bs.

freedum freedum says:

these morons, i means these experts have been saying the same kraps for years. i emmmmm rekons there will be a krash in the next emmm 2-3 thousand years….believe me.

Lalehan Lale says:

whats this silly and loud music cant listen….

Mike Rosol says:

every years since 5 years ago this guy has been predicting a crash lmao. this is for loosers people

The Word Made Simple says:

Your videos are good but you have waaaaaaay too many advertisements. It'd be nice if you cut back on that a little bit.

Timothy W says:

Lose that fucking baseline thrumming in the background. Unwatchable for me.

Nephesh Kingsberry says:

Great people of America!! More and more fearmongering, let us not speak the language of our enemies that wish our destruction especially among our economy, people, our economy is booming, hitting records that this nation has never been seen before, the elites and those of shadowy secret alliances yes of our country would have you believe the doom and gloom of a economic bubble, PEOPLE!!! Think, the only way for the darkness of these organizations that work in the shadows to function, is to cause fear and panic for people to lose confidence in the economy to bring about a collapse, remember people we have the power and they know it, fear and intimidation only breeds off power and the only way they will fall is that we must stand up, speak the truth and call out those in power especially, economic power, Federal Reserve being chief among them, I know some May not agree but, I pray by the grace of GOD that you study and research for yourself and be enlightened, GOD bless the great people of America!!!

Michael Russo says:

Every 10 years, give or take sense 1979. One thing I have noticed is we no longer have slow downs or recessions/corrections. That alone should be the canary in the coal mine.

Janessa Chavez says:

Legalize Marihuana😎 Thank me later😁

Jim Lynch says:

This CLOWN Peter Schiff is an idiot. Google Euro Pacific Capital and see all the negative ratings!

blokeish says:

11 year cycle: 1997 Asia; 2008 West; 2019 ????

Strong says:

They've been saying this for decades!


maybe… ok maybe not.

oak oak says:

Buy all the Gold and silver you can afford

oak oak says:

The stock market is a scam!

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