The Complete Penny Stock Course | New Book Review

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Check out this brand new book at called “The Complete Penny Stock Course” by my student Jamil who also programmed as he has organized all my lessons using an academic/programmer-minded approach so I think you’ll enjoy this new approach to learning penny stock trading…Jamil made just a few copies to test the waters so first come first serve; this will sell out soon so grab your copy ASAP!

One of my students just wrote a book. His name is Jamil. He’s also the programmer behind Stocks to Trade, and he is frankly dissatisfied with how many lessons I have, and how disorganized everything was. So, he wrote this book.

I have so many lessons. It’s been tough to organize everything. You know, I wish that the stock market would close for like a year and then I could get everything organized. I didn’t plan on any of this at the speed of which I’m creating new millionaire students, it’s gotten out of hand, so I’m always playing catch up. So, I’m very thankful. I wrote the foreword to this new book.

So, I’ll post the link to this book just below this video. But it just got listed on Amazon. I don’t think it’s on Kindle yet, but you can get the paperback for under 30 bucks. I highly, highly, highly recommend this. This has been a work in progress for roughly the past two years.

This organizes all the lessons. You know, you’re gonna start to understand the patterns, and Jamil has done a fantastic job. Just condensing everything into this one book, and everyone who has read it has been like, wow. I wish this had come out sooner, and I wish this had come out sooner too.

I have several students who are doing better than me. Several students now who are taking the strategies that they learned from me and now creating guides that I think are better and more useful. I still encourage you to watch all my guides. It’s not like my guides are useless. On the contrary, I think they’re required viewing. But I think this is a very good intro and a very good comprehensive book.

This book helps you join the battlefield with a little more preparation. And it’s very basic whether you know nothing about the stock market, whether you know nothing about penny stocks, or even if you do know a lot about penny stocks, I highly encourage you to read this and to take advantage of this new guide. You know, the more preparation, the more reviews, the more strategy, the more knowledge, the more experience that you have, the better your odds of success on every single trade. And this is not a perfect science.

This book is not an end-all-be-all, like, just read the book and ignore the guides. It’s, you know, a supplementary research guide, I think. And it’s just a new way of learning my strategy. Especially if you come from the academic or programmer world. It’s much more structured in that kind of sense, compared to my other guides. And you know, I think that you should learn all different ways.

Video lessons and DVDs and webinars are very visual. This book is more academic. So, I’m curious to see what you guys think. So when you do get this book, you know, leave a review on Amazon. Be honest, you know? I think this is going to be useful, and again, my thanks to Jamil and thanks to my whole team for getting this thing out. Again, I’ll post the link to this book. It’s on Amazon. This book will sell out, by the way. We only made a few copies just to kind of test the waters.

If you want it, I suggest you order it ASAP. But this is a cool little guide. Thanks again, Jamil. Great work. To my team, great work. Everybody else, get excited. You have a new guide that is very, very useful and comprehensive. Let’s have a great week, cheers. I’ll post the link just below this video. Remember, click it, check it out. Read it, learn it, live it, love it!


Nguyên says:

I am looking forward to read it. It has 1 review already, lol.

Elias Coronado says:

I just got my copy yesterday and started reading it. AMAZING! Breaks EVERYTHING down and the author makes every SO easy to understand. I'm a 24 year old Army Veteran, and my current occupation is working as a miner in Texas. I can't afford to be a challenge student or have the time out of my 14 hour work day to trade while at work and juggling being a husband and father of a toddler. But I am trying my best to educate myself on everything about penny stocks. I WILL be a challenge student in the near future and become a successful millionaire. It's all in the mindset. And if you read the Timothy Sykes, dude you're a bad ass and a Tremendous inspiration and look forward to meeting you some day.

bxnyc77 says:

I just got my copy right now already starting to read it

bxnyc77 says:

just order it ,can't wait

Dj Ellala says:

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Damian Masztalerz says:

"This item does not ship to Toronto, Canada" – according to Amazon, can someone order me this book via paypal ? 🙁

Jasdeep Rai says:

When will it be available in canada

John V says:

Tim, it would be awesome if you had some Udemy course.

Greg Dodgen says:

Thanks, Tim & Jamil. I ordered the book & Amazon says it's delivering tomorrow.

Craig Weatherhead says:

Book doesn't ship to Canada 😪

Ting-Kuang Niu says:

Does this book have pictures/graphs? To add on, is this book meant for experienced traders as well?

Ra8az says:

Not available for UK guys? Whyyy? Please put it for UK delivery too.

Anzelle Whitsett says:

Looking forward to getting my copy. I’m at roughly #220 on the video lessons and working my way through them. Can’t wait to see how the book ties it all together

Arjun Rajesh says:

Hey Tim Is the book suitable for complete newbies


Been busy as bee, look forward to ready thank you.

Darkklin PL says:

bought it.
hope it's good.
maybe this will be my first English book that ever read completely haha

Joseph Zinser says:

Just ordered delivery 4-18-2018

Muthana Qussim says:

Just ordered it

Joe B says:

Ordered the book! Annnd…your saying of Learn IT, Live IT, Love IT, i say myself… former instructor use to say that at the end of class everytime!! Best Motto..along with Dedicated, Motivated!. Thx for all you do!!

pedro pablo says:

Voy a ordenarlo 🤼👌

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