The Coolest Pool With A View In The World

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This is definitely the coolest pool with a view in the entire world here in Bali, as it literally hangs off the cliff so you can see the Indian Ocean when you look down! Watch this video and leave a comment letting me know what you think!


MikeMcD1989 says:

Seen Jurassic Park too many times to feel comfortable with a glass floor on the edge of a cliff.. LoL that movie cross your mind at all standing on the edge looking down?

Austin J says:

how much does it cost to be your student?

SkyMeKA says:

As soon as I graduate from my school in job training im starting with you! Also the money they will give me it be $1000 so within 2 or three months i should have $4000 all in total! Of just working. Ill have experience with business that is my career im taking i should be able to get done within this year! Or not next year but hopefully this year! Im going to study hard to complete and so that i can get started training with you. You inspired me from achieving what i couldn't done in my old job i love your work and wish i could've done it faster but i dont care what everyone thinks about you if your a scammer or you post fake videos or a scheme my mind has been made and im going to train with you if you wish to help me it will be an honor working with you ?

Jedi G. says:

You may have started out trying to change the industry, but you are changing the world. TY Tim!

mindchimp says:

Where in Bali is this? looks awesome.

Na-me Less says:

Nice, that cliff looks like its out of a fantasy movie.

Andreas Boeck says:

Looks good, but why not film in horizontal?

NeverFail Gaming says:

Beautiful simply beautiful but gotta put in the time and effort first

DewtonBrothers says:

couldnt even turn the camera horizontal

That guy MR T says:

One day tim ! I'll be there

Vincenzo Migliaccio says:

That's spectacular!!! I just finished another night shift, watching security cameras and most importantly studying 'how to make millions'. Now I want to study even more and hopefully one day go visit places like this. Thank you Tim for giving hope of a better life.

Big Ben says:

Being a millionaire cant buy you friends i guess. Damn what a boring lifestyle. Nice pool though.

anthony says:

Wingsuit off the edge with a scuba diving suit on and explore the sea!!

lombardo141 says:

Awesome view. I remember when I needed this to inspire me. ?

Specnon45 says:

kinda scary lol

EL NIPLO says:

next time film it landscape please

noah owens says:

Gotta love a little inspiration

Legendofcats says:

Now that's a cool pool.

Sabinro says:

I want to be there someday ?


Where is this love it

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