The coronavirus market sell-off, that put the market in turmoil, is different than 2008 crisis

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Yahoo Finance’s Myles Udland breaks down how coronavirus shook markets, why this sell-off is different than the 2008 financial crisis, and what to watch in the markets on March 11.
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Andri says:

In 2008 the crisis was man made, Man didnt want to hurt themself. so there is a threshold for that because no man wants the crisis to get worse.
When its virus, the virus didnt have threshold, they can just hurt the economy with no limit because they are not human, nor thinking about the economic.

RAY RAY says:

The worst is over guys. We beat the virus. Back to buying stocks and investing in our futures.

Fantastical History says:

More tax cuts for the wealthy…. does this government have no soul at all? They need to give money directly into the hands of ordinary Americans, $1000 per adult, and additional for kids, not MORE tax cuts. Tax cuts aren't going to do anything for regular families who have no money to go get the necessities they need.


US is covering up the real deaths of influenza /coronal virus last year and infections of millions Americans. Stock market and US economy crash have been expected for a long time. Nothing unusual. Bad business will go under and new business will emerge. We are fearless and life goes on.

Lifehacks says:

This doesn't really say much about anything

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