The DAX live trading

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nanjardo says:

I can not see the tick and CCiI period… , do U use only one chart?
can you say it ?

rimmamed says:

I trade 2-3:30 Brit open and 8:30-11:00 Usa open Central time

masterpatric07 says:

at what time do you trade the dax?i assume you are in the us.

masterpatric07 says:

do you only use price action?

rimmamed says:

I didn`t find T&S useful in the future trading

masterpatric07 says:

you are just playing with nosense at all.the momentum is nothing without times and sales.
you are just playing rullete .becareful you are going to blow your account soon .

Дмитрий Хуртин says:

rimmamed you there for the indicator at the bottom?

ponsaku6982 says:

hi I really like your trading style, riding the momentum.

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