The Difference Between Trading and Investing

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There’s no clear line between what counts as trading and what counts as investing, but the two are nonetheless very different practices, and most investors are best served avoiding the former. Why? We answer that question in today’s video.

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The Plain Bagel says:

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AS Karyzy says:

Wow I learnt a lot

Joseph Court says:

Trading is my way. Then I’ll invest when I become very busy in my everyday life, such as doing big moves

Madison Hang says:

the only real gain I can hope for, is to buy lunch, or dinner, or pay every one's meal

Peace Prevail on earth says:

Thank you bro 4 good explanation

SFB says:

everyone starts as a trader. When the stock keeps dropping they become investors.

All Things Finance says:

Both focuses require careful analysis and skill

Nicolaos says:

Trading = High risk, high reward
Investin = Low risk, low reward

*compared to eachother

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DEEEZ nutzzz says:

Been getting smoked in forex for the last year and a half trying to learn. Done lost probation round fifty grands. Still learning and will never give up. Only way I’m a become a millionaire 🤑

Mark Zuckerberg says:

To be honest when I started investing into stock market, I instinctively found the balance between the two things. I just seek opportunities and profit from them, whether they're long term or short term. Sometimes time shows if my investement is short term or long term because even if I invest short term I analyze the companies individually, knowing that they will succeed in the end. I monitor these companies and as soon as they generate profit, I sell the stocks and look for another fall in value just to rebuy the stocks.

Anas Hammoudeh says:

By far, this is the best video explaining the difference between a stock and a share! Your explanation is brief and direct to the point. I loved it!

Domniac Corp. says:

Both are like siblings anyway. 😂🙏🏻

im4gvn says:

Or just get a real job.

Swing Trade The Markets PH says:

So simple, investors invest in traders to grow their money. Investors grow their money with less to no effort, traders do the hardwork.

Amir Zarif says:

Just watched your first video. Really clear, easy to understand for a newbie invesgod, and well done. Liked & Subscribed!

On another note, trading sounds a lot of work, stress and risk. But is the satisfaction from it much more worth it than if one was to succeed well with investing?

Marlene Dietrich says:

Trading isn't gambling. No short cuts trading online. You need to learn how to read price action and purchase stock whenever there's lower risk and high profitability in play. For people that know trading understand, for the ones that dont, theres a thing called Expert Guidance. Consult an expert to guide you whilst you remain in total control of your accounts

Bryce Arnold says:

Unfortunately, many people have given Day Trading a really bad name. WIth the right training and the proper approach to managing risk and respecting leverage, you can make a good living by being a committed day trader. It's these "Kamikaze Traders" that really make it sound like a scam or a Ponzi scheme.

If you want to do this right, invest heavily in knowledge from reputable sources and give yourself as much time as you need to practice. Trade on Demo with the starting amount you would have begun with and repeat the exact same rules you will employ into your daily trading when using real money. I have been a trader for over a year now and I make a decent wage, more than other professionals in my previous field. You can do it, but at all times, be realistic, be determined, be consistent.

Good Luck

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