The Economic Crisis Will Hit This Sep 2018, Banks Will Crash,Currency Won’t Exist Kenneth Ameduri

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erictheBaptist says:

Noooooo!!! Please stop talking about f'ing cryptocurrency!!! ALL CRYPTO IS PONZI SCAM!!!

tchouwie says:

Market will fall soon, but it won't be in September. September will be bullish. Don't know about October yet, but for sure it's definitely not September.

cosmodave69 says:

Who said that?

Farmer Dude357 says:

The bankers are the criminals.

Philip Leach says:

Complete BS these guys been predicting this for years

Steve Ast says:

Bitcoin, tell that to the people who bought at $12,000, $16,000, etc. I think I’ll keep dollars for now…….

dayy logg says:

I've been waiting for a global economic collapse since 2008. Anyway, I'll continue to wait.

What Hmm22 says:

Nice overview and insight. Thanks.

Jesse Rodriguez says:

Bitcoin is no different than fiat money. Not backed by anything physical, just faith and believers.

Jesse Rodriguez says:

Bitcoin is scam. Nothing there.

Samson David says:

What a blessed day when the market collapses

Henry Espinosa says:

Yes there are going to be changes in the near future please pay attention to what you do and don’t worry about others!

enkigilgamesh says:

The economy and the abyss.

Javier Bitcoin says:

Bitcoin is the exit to this system.

Claus Meyer says:

Gold & Silver starts moving up already>>>>>>

jungledoc75 says:

Why September 18th? I must have missed the time line.

Rich Simmons says:

The Jews own  9/ 10's  of everything in the world     they are attempting to consolidate the last 10%  nowThe "Goyim" will have to fend for themselves,  fools….

Greg Smith says:

Bullshit ,Can't Barter with Cryptos ? Keep your Cryptos it's trash during a collapsed economy ! Not everyone has access to the internet anyway, you selfish idiot !

ryan _ says:

Been saying this forever. I guess you never really know. Oh well if it does what the hell can we do?

Stuart Ogilvie says:

Thanks, informative,

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