The FEAR Of Losing Money In Penny Stocks | How To Overcome It!

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James Oliva says:

I dig the honesty in these videos. Hardest part of investing is to overcome emotion. Definitely recommend Robinhood to anyone interested in investing. If anyone wants to give it a shot, you can get a free share of any stock by signing up with this referral link:

ischial tube says:

I bought MTBC @1.60 that Thur, set it to sell @2.10 on Tuesday.

John De La Cruz says:

Bpmx bought at .815 its at .6 big L

Paddymac44 says:

Can I really trust Robinhood with my Ssn?

John Hornbarger says:

On robinhood you can't set a stop loss that isn't at a 5 cent interval can you?

JustMeDee says:

Thanks so much Ricky!!! Very helpful 🙂

Zac Moore says:

1gp to 50M using GE ONLY Episode 1

imad ali says:

Found the better version of JR garage

Haroon Iqbal says:

Hey Ricky! please make a video facing right side on your cam :).#facingRight.
Thanks. 🙂

Luis Jimenez says:

Do you rent your cars out on Turo?

Shazam Ali says:

Thanks Rickey…needed this after trading MTBC Today.

im trying to break out the matrix says:

I hate losing money ??

Parker Moss says:

I lost 0.80 cents on AMD and then lost 0.30 + on Snap yesterday

Zachary Saxon says:

Nice sandwich!

Leo Castro says:

Good advice!

Michael Labruna says:

I agree %100 (not to follow someone just cause they said "this company is good to buy) I lost a lot of money getting in and out of stock cause of that today. Also payed a lot of fees ??‍♂️

Raider Jake says:

great timing on your video, I lost about 15% chasing stocks today, learning from it and making specific plans and strategies to implement for the rest of the week, thx for all the advice

green light says:

Good Video Ricky… ur gettn better and better at explaining this stuff

Deon Selby says:

Is there a limit on how many companies you can trade with on those three days?

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