The Fed, Stock Market Crash, Gold prices – Max Keiser

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The Fed, Stock Market Crash, Gold prices – Max Keiser
Latest events with global stock markets, the Fed interventions trying to prevent their collapse, and what next for gold.


Patsy Koenig says:

American Free Market Capitalism = free capital for the 1%

Adam C says:

Im fucken shocked. Financial brokers actually admitting the truth. shocked!


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Shares Dive As Oil Prices Hit New 12-Year Low
Global stock markets are taking a fresh battering as oil costs continue to fall – touching levels not seen for almost 12 years.

San Tan says:

1/15/16 Oil… now down below $30.00… this could spell huge, huge problems for the markets today and in the coming trading days…It's a high psychological trigger point. Unless someone manipulates it today to prop it up today.. then it' will be ugly. I still think the scum bag manipulating "play'a's have a couple of card tricks they can play out.  The question is do they want to at this point?  Or are they ready to pull the plug for their big grand finale to move everyone in to a global reset? Hard to say.. what's in the mind of psychopaths, sometimes. Their a sick bunch.

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