The Gap and Run Momentum Trading Strategy 👍

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The Gap and Run Trading Strategy. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE This is one for intraday stock traders out there. This trading setup is for when stocks gap.

1) The stock has gapped up more than 4% (you can adjust this to 3% if you want if conditions aren’t as volatile).
2) There is an increase in relative volume. This play is a momentum play in the direction of the gap and we want to see people interested in it.
3) A news catalyst – most of the times the gap will have a broad catalyst leading to the gap.

The idea is that its a momentum play, its going to gap and its going to carry on going.

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Garry I says:

When do you have time to trade making all this great content? 😀 much appreciated!

James Bradley says:

nice vid. I have a special trade: gap down followed by a few bars up and then short it hard. my bread and butter.

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