The Great Depression: Crash Course US History #33

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In which John Green teaches you about the Great Depression. So, everybody knows that the Great Depression started with the stock market crash in 1929, right? Not exactly. The Depression happened after the stock market crash, but wasn’t caused by the crash. John will teach you about how the depression started, what Herbert Hoover tried to do to fix it, and why those efforts failed.

Hey teachers and students – Check out CommonLit’s free collection of reading passages and curriculum resources to learn more about the events of this episode. The Roaring Twenties ended with The Great Depression, a period of soul-searching for the United States dealing with a failing middle class:
The issues of the Great Depression were made more difficult by the agricultural crisis known as the Dust Bowl:


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What people who argue that the New Deal was inherently bad for the US is that, at the point in time the Great Depression was happening, the general populace had lost faith in the free market system and the ideas associated with it. When you don't trust the free market to give you a fair chance, as many people felt during this time (and, ironically, now), you are much less willing to reengage in the market and much less willing to support Laissez-Faire style policies. The New Deal did at that time what the free market alone could not: give people hope for a better future.

Perhaps that is the most important thing to look at regarding the Great Depression.

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Herbert Hoover's first political position was president and he wasn't very good.

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Remember kids taking tests, the government caused the Great Depression to get worse. Big government, bad small government good. Vote liberty.

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