THE GREATEST Stock MARKET CRASH In Human History 2018 (Bo Polny)

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Are your Prepared?! A Stock Market CRASH is coming soon, MUST WATCH for ALL the DETAILS…
Turn Date Reports:

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brent cowan says:

when theres an emp attack alt coins worthless and watch fed Yellen increased her balance sheet from 1 trill$ to 4.4tr$ spx 666 in 09 X 4.4 =2900 wow TOP Russell trading at 140X earnings and fed withdrawing 1.2 trillion from her balance sheet

Saudi Israelia says:

Stock Market crash is coming and dollar its end as well.

lightwaters says:

DOW is likely to reach new highs soon to 27k + so is gold to reach 1408 approx…looks like they will move together this time to reach their highs

The Sniper Investor says:

There's clear indicators for technical analysts. I was able to see this downturn on January 30 and cashed out. On sidelines now. Waiting. If we get two more up days the bull market will resume. But if not . . . this video could very well become reality. The charts tell no lies. When key resistance points are broken and the trend is confirmed down it will be time to exit. Short the market and use profits to buy silver.

Frank Mosca says:

Haha. Thank God I have my silver and Bitcoin then.

Luke Anthony says:

Buy bitcoin and crypto stay away from gov debt

braun786 says:

Israel is taking over as the 3rd and last ruling state of the world. Britain and USA being the 1st and 2nd. Thanks for the ride america. Its time to crash you now

Faheem Azam says:

You mean the BTC will boom in this crash or it will come down as well as Alt Coins?

Bobby C says:



DONT WORRY OR PANIC. If it gets critical fed will step in, the dollar is backed by both saudarabia and china and many more so it cant collapse. A lower value usd would be beneficial for america. But Trump should definitely speed up the pumps before he drowns in the pool he promised to drain. Buy the dip!

jason hudson says:

665.75 is not 666 fact checking yourself might come in handy if you are going to tie it to god. just sayin. to much fake news is deceiving the real patriots out there trying to find the real truth.

Kaleem says:

Gold is garbage. It never moves. Might as well watch grass grow.

DJ Stark says:

Just a healthy correction. The markets been going up for so long no one remembers it’s normal to go down.

michael Evans says:

As predicted by President Trump, when he took office he made sure, that all are aware, publically, that we are all living in a bubble, just about to burst…which he inherited from soretoro

Mark Nordgård says:

DOW will hit a New ATH this week

Peter Chau says:

Thanks Bo, Great Warning. Sad there will be some enter into the Ark of Noah and others stay outside because of unbelieve. Which nobody want them to stay out, but it's there own decison. (May God bless the work of your hands.)

SUN370 says:

Fear should have been the ruler when the 20k threshold was passed and about a year later 5000 points gained…come on, stop it, if that is not sign of the plunge to come then you're living in a different dimension, what goes up must come down.

Jack As says:

I got out a year ago and bet on silver and cryptos.

Phillip Mauafua says:

No one knows how much precious metals will go up.

NaturalHI says:

This information is very similar to Clif High's forecast…wow.

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