The Housing Crash Begins! Global Economic Collapse 2017 Stock MARKET CRASH!

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Lillian Ballard says:

It began in .o8. Are the owners of Blackstone the Chinese? They, Chinese, are buying up our houses and mtgs.Electors are scared rabbits. Did not work. On to Jan. They saw how it was made. yellow tube / when returned it,black.?? same one?

Peter Bollinger says:

Keep up the good work.

Joel Furber says:

Hey can you do a re-post on the one you just did with the stock market, bond market and QE explantion you just yesterday some how it go deleted!

MegaLensman says:

Will the bubble pop before Trump gets into office?

Mike G says:

Obama, or Barry, or what ever his name is , he is a liar, and a thief, he has NO proof of anything that was accurate at anytime he has been prez. we don't even know were he was born.

Charles Wilson says:

one way or another the elits will start a civil war to regain power. They know if they lose it wilk be the end if them. They will nuke the US to get their way. 911 was just the start. A test run. These criminals worship power and control. They WILL not stop. Get PREPARED US.

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