The Lazy Way To Get Rich: Trade Penny Stocks A Easy How To Guide

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A newsletter that offers stock advice on trading in the penny stock market

A beginner’s tutorial for trading
stocks for a penny. I’ve traded stocks Since I was 19, and penny stocks for the last 3 years. I felt that this video might function well as a good base of knowledge to build upon for stock trading. I hope that you enjoy this video and I welcome your feedback. This video is recommendation for those who wish to follow a proven penny stock newsletter that is not engaged in the act of stock pumping, promoting and dumping.

Feel free to check out my stock market videos playlist on YouTube im getting up and my other YouTube videos also. Enjoy!


Zeck says:

Is this gpsm still there is the offer still there??

Alan Guerra says:

I'm 15 and I don't know where to start for this.. Any help ???

Gary Mata says:

hey i wanna learn how to do this, pls teach me, thanks

Young Shrine says:

Okay, I may want to do this but I'm very unsure. I want to make $20000 in a month off a $1000 investment. With your program, is that possible? Will I profit more than my lost? Do your newsletter updates me on the latest hot penny stocks? How does it all work?

Mike Jones says:

He is the real deal bro I made 30000 off him good luck man 

Michael R says:

That beach looks soo familiar, WHERE IS IT???

zachery crasses says:

These guys are the real deal. They teach people how to trade stocks, and they have some of the best alerts with penny stocks…

Has anyone used them?

Just curious if anyone has had a bad experience because there is nothing but good reviews about this company across the web.

Let me know: 

jim smith says:

Like the website… Easy to use…. I know anyone can learn how to trade stocks…

piehamcake1 says:

1 million, therorhticlly infinate…!

Yazeed Husni says:

where would a $1000 take me if I make wise choices in trading penny stocks ?

Teven worldpeace says:

he's reading every word from someone behind the camera

keith hobbs says:


mariosa quintetta says:

thats not true

david emerson says:

how much have you made? if you don't mind me asking.

altargirl89 says:

I think some of these youtubers who do "comment pending approval" do it because there are many posters on here that are spamming trying to promote their webpages etc, So that's something to keep in mind.

dividendstockideas says:

Penny stocks have made me money

Will Bell says:

Thanks… I think…

We're helping people i investor at a time… I'm changing the world

Harry Florias says:

I always seem to trust a site that doesn't have a comment pending approval, you seem legit, maybe I will give it a try, but that music is a little loud and reminds me of music from a slot machine in a casino. I'm always cautions of someone who tries to hard to sell something, it usually means WARNING stay away!! you come very close to doing that.

Will Bell says:

This is a good newsletter service…

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