The live 15 min trade entry

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Prince M. Golds says:

you shud make more new videos!

Traders Friend says:

Mark, You just made my night, thanks for Your great kindness….woo…hoo! Now that is a standard account that has $7.00 commission on a standard lot in addition to that spread, but the company is finfx. I am making these 15 min videos to attempt to help new traders develop discipline and get better entries. Thanks again for being so sweet and bringing a smile to me face (^_^). Have a super weekend!

isaidiamsorry says:

Hi TF,

Can i ask, have you now decided to trade off the 15 minutes chart (not your usual 5 minutes chart)?

great spread about 0.5 pips on eurusd – can i ask who is your forex broker ?
TF, thank you so much, you have lots of fans over here in London, and we always enjoy your videos

Best wishes


Traders Friend says:

I just woke up and the market has continued in harmony with the short term trend, but it did yield a little paper for me in that session (^_^).

I just put in a short based on what price looks like, but I might get my butt handed to me……lol. It is always a treat to hear from You dearest Friend

Amarjit Singh says:

Thanks for keeping your promise, I was looking forward to this. Very useful for me. Cheers! have a great weekend. 🙂

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