The Market Crash of Aug 24th 2015

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Video showing what caused the massive selloff and also video of how the day played out.


Mark Hoffman says:

How could you not see something was coming? Granted I wasn't expecting a huge down day, but I also was not surprised. We are at that 7-year itch period. At 20:41 on your video your chart shows 6 descending peaks including Friday and on Friday the candle broke to the downside of the wedge. I sold 6-DTE 20-delta SPX call credit spreads on that day and nothing else. Tuesday, the 25th I sold the same 20 delta call spread and bot back twice the same day for good profit.

Did you look at the Futures Sunday night and consider some hedge puts?

You are a sharp guy and I am surprised you apparently got caught flatfooted by this.

aaa2782 says:

there was no reversal pattern at the 200 level …what made you wanna buy there ?

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