The Mindset of a Penny Stock Millionaire: Spend Your Weekends Studying & Working Hard

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My top millionaire students and I got to where we are in life by grinding and studying EVERY SINGLE DAY, NO DAYS OFF, ESPECIALLY ON WEEKENDS, as most people get lazy and take time off and that hurts them in the long run…the process of becoming rich isn’t fun, I won’t lie to you, but being rich is as fun as it gets so it’s up to you whether you want to partake in this marathon or not and joining my trading challenge will help get you there quicker!

0:47 Most millionaires and stock traders have multiple sources of income
1:13 It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 PM on a Friday, I’m always preparing. I’m trading like a sniper
1:40 Utilize the weekends well for stock trading. The best stock traders I know, they utilize the weekend
2:04 Getting rich isn’t fun. Once you’re rich you can take off any day that you want.
2:29 My job is to get you rich, and in order to get rich, you need knowledge. This isn’t about winning the lottery
2:48 All my millionaire students work their asses off even on the weekends
3:01 Study the past…use your weekend to study up. I’ve listed every single good pattern over the last five years.
3:42 Study the stock market enough and learn the patterns, and you will become successful
3:57 Study stock trading at night, study it during the weekend.
4:11 I know you want to make money and I know you want to get rich quick, but that’s not possible. You need to work hard to make it happen first.
5:01 I only have time for students who are really ready to invest their time and effort into becoming consistently profitable.
5:27 Even my most successful students take as long as nine months before making consistent profits
7:00 I don’t post “prop” money in order to show you the million dollars in videos.
7:32 Sometime’s I make mistakes when I’m trading stocks. I’ll be honest with you and I’ll show you my biggest trading mistakes.
11:42 Please don’t become a student if you’re lazy and don’t have the right attitude
12:12 You better love the journey toward becoming a millionaire student


Andika Pratama says:

I love the process, the journey, the grind. Let's do it!

Dre TheDREAM says:

Love the process

Andrea Comelli says:

I love the process! Thank you Tim!

Colin Kaepernick says:

does Tim have a prop firm?

Alexander De Arcos says:

let's do this. I sent you a application today.

Anthony Douglass says:


Michael Gifford says:

Studying is extremely fun

The_Disciplined_Trader says:

Love The Process

Christian Ledesma says:


ZERG107 says:

Did anyone else pre order framework part deux?

YouTube Rocks says:

Do you have Snapchat

Amaan Hamdani says:

i'm from india, can your teachings be applied here in india too? should i enroll?

bryan baxter says:

I love the process


i love the process

Edward Rock says:


Ash says:

Excellent video Tim. One thing about the market I’m learning, if you’re not committed, IT will weed you out, IT will check your ego, even if you don’t! I love the process!

Jaded Jester says:


melvin ibe says:

Love the process. I am in Nigeria how do I become a student

Victor Tamarez Gonzalez says:

I love the process

nikonxxx says:

Lost big on firday. Spent all week learning the rules then not use them and i got burned. Allways cut losses quickly. Confirmation bias will get u before u know it, never go in more than 10% of your account. Sorry sensei goku. I will try again. Once i reup the account.

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