The Most Controversial Penny Stock Trader In The World

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See my blog post amazing story of a teenager who has made $300,000 in just over a year trading penny stocks from his iPhone!


JP says:

How do you have a margin account when you are 17 years old, assuming you have a custodial account.

A Davis says:

I don't care if this kid is real or not but in my book he is just another degenerate gambler as Tim would say… I mean being up only a couple of 10's of thousands and driving a BMW 3 series , have luxury watches, and designer clothes etc… All things no one should ever be doing if they want to truly be wealthy in the long run, especially if losing 43% of his capital was included in those expenses. He has bad money management skills regardless if his strategy magically started working and will most likely blow it all away before his first semester of college..

Sethu Shelembe says:

Why go to college when you already have a career? You're self employed, a degree won't really make much of a difference.

Rehab says:

So basically this guy went all-in on 1 trade and was super lucky to make a $90k profit, he continued trading but he realized he didn't know what he was doing and spent a weekend making a strategy and is now up $340k? wow that's amazing

nelsdawgy says:

Trading in highschool, getting into detention… love it!

chess747 says:

Wow great narration short sweet and to the point…hey Tim this guy will me a multi millionaire by the time his 30…and very intelligent…I would not be surprised if he decides to manage other peoples money which could lead him to become a billionaire …you have to give credit where credit is due …my hat is of to you mate well done.

Nathan Casey says:

Hey tim. Does Connors strategy different significantly from yours?

Dumplings Boi says:

I remember hearing about this guy a while back I was so amazed. 

ScottamusGand says:

It's good to see more people getting recognized for their trading. A lot of people hate on people like him and Sykes; saying they are rubbing their wealth in everyone else's faces. I say, the more you divulge about your strategy and experiences, the more information I have to build my own empire. Look at the sports world, I think Tim even mentioned it in his book. People improve running times and strength at an exponential pace just by studying the greats of the past and setting their own bench marks higher. Haters keep hating, keep the herd thin. The rest of us are hungry for it. These guys are the truth. Keep it up, Tim.

Francisco D'anconia says:

if you made $90,000 on your first trade why does your equity curve plateau out for so long before going up? not hating, just curious. also, I watch this video on my cell phone, maybe I'm missing something

yojimboe says:

Meanwhile, my paper trade account is a total disaster!

INNO222 says:

I fucking love it!!

ahmedq shadaw says:

sir mr.tim could you please tell me from where i could see your videos because i want go study it hard?? thanks 

Fabian Ortiz says:

Every high schooler in the world should see this, the young minds of the world need to see that anyone can do it.

karl cunningham says:

I use ic investor to find my stocks every night I find a few stocks going crazy that can be shorted,I trade them from my iPhone during the day at work oh how many times I got told to "get off that f£€kn phone" everyday lol

Itu M says:

Fuck all the haters man. I'm tired of people hating on guys that put in the work and get amazing life changing results. I have mad respect for this kid. All of you who disliked this video are more than likely broke or wish you could be half of what this kid is when you were his age. I read about this guy about 6 weeks ago and the story checks out. He is legit!  

bizzy511 says:

Is this real? Sounds to good to be true. 

Thelosthouse says:

That is great he made some dolla bills. Happy for the kid, but I can see him blowing his account eventually based on this video. Also isn't his dad the former vice president of JP Morgan?

danielk3904 says:

Inspiring! So good and such a confidence boost to see other young traders who've managed to be successful. 
Makes it feel more attainable and that it "can be done".  

lowjoeoutlaw says:

Well i suck I've been thinking of getting to the stock market for years now I'm 31 and still haven't gone in good for you

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