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In this video I have explained 4 types of #gaps which are as follows:

1. Bullish Retest Gap
2. Bearish Retest Gap
3. Bullish Gap and Go
4. Bearish Gap and Go




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Ric ky says:

In live market we should take entry or exit as per 5 min completed candle or as per 5 min candle which is not built completely. Bcoz in live market running last candle is creating confusion.

Ganesh Jadhav says:


Sandip Mukhopadhyay says:

Short,unique and indepth knowledge shared as always, kindly create a swing trading stock selection strategy videos for all of us

Newton Mandal says:

Thanks a lot

Shafiulla AG says:

Very informative

nalinakshi swamy says:

i can you please clear my doubt, i have pasted two screenshots of sunpharma, which i got in screener, according to you it was bearish test gap, but is it possible after retesting it will go up? Please clarify, i will be thankful

Pandurang Thorat says:

it very good sir keep it up dont listen any one your good god bless you jai hind


Great , Very nice information.

prabhakar bhai says:

salute and thank you sir

Vijay Shah says:

Thank you sir

Vijay Shah says:

It's good vedio of gaps.This stategy can we use in intraday?.Thanks

Nitesh Kumar Mishra says:

Really unique knowledge

Amar Preet says:

boht briya…👌


thanks a lot sir.

ajay kumar says:

Kya bolu bhai…….have no word to appreciate you & your efforts to making aware to your subscribers, about the stock market…. And there is no matter of English or hindi……the important thing is,teaching skill, what you have…..great bro…..keep going.
As an elder brother, my blessings & all best wishes would be always with you.

Vikas Jain says:

add a video on future open interest and how to trade it for next day

sohail chouhan says:

The sir book which you mentioned in the decision point video can u give us the direct line the one which is given over there, there seems to hard to find the same

raj kumar sharma says:

Trading gaps are really profitable, every time. You have done a good job of describing the gap trading for all new traders. This is also an important recap for old traders.

harish kumar k g says:

Bro u r simply super, u just give the knowledge. Unlike other channels u r not promoting any other paid strategies nor u r asking to join any course nor saying us to open account under u, ultimately u r not at all expecting anything in return that I liked very much. Thank u

Syed Ather says:

First of all I want to thank you very much, u r a gem of a person, in ur last video I had asked u about the gaps sir, n u have made the video in the simplest of ways, thank you very much for making trading life easier,

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