The Most Reliable Penny Stock Pattern Over 10+ Years

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Vinny Pks says:

I WILL BE PREPARED #SSS, watch that 11 hour guide kids.

nina kalcheva says:

I will prepare!

Darrell Aschenbeck says:

i will prepare. thank you for taking time out of your weekend

jose c says:

Tim you are the man! I will prepare!

Abe Vargas says:

i will prep

Aaron Smith says:

this situation is completely different from SORL isn't it? SORL spiked on huge earnings surprise, this actually missed the earnings est, so to hold this long like SORL, what's the basis? just bc high volume? what am I missing

Alex Gibson says:

I will prepare

William says:

I know this pattern and would love to play it more, but how do you factor in the risk that so many of these companies will do stock offerings overnight when they spike in price, causing shares to plummet.

Alvin Melton says:

I will prepare.

MA T says:

Hi Tim,
do you know or recommend any brokers that guys in the UK can use to trade the US mkts , to the same extent as you guys,
apart from Interactive Brokers,

Unathi Msitshana says:

Tim you the best

pejoly2 says:

I will prepare. You have so much info that I am feeling overwhelmed, but it is so freaking good. I have spent many years learning other peoples systems, and the deeper I got into them, the more complicated it would get. My best times where very early, when I didn't have so much crap in my head. I am trying to break it all down, and get it simplified, so I can start winning again.

Trey Mosby says:

I will prepare!!

Azazi Nation says:

I will prepare


SORL added to yr earnings winners. I will be prepared

Douglas Pereira says:

I will P.R.E.P.A.R.E

Richard Schuler says:

I will P.R.E.P.A.R.E.

Thomas Sjöberg says:

what platform can be used for Europeans? I would like to train and study for 6 months before going in. thanks

Jonathan Z says:

I will prepare

Chris M says:

Hey Tim, check your email!

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