The Most Reliable Penny Stock Patterns I See Right Now

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Read my new post at to see a sad, but all too familiar pattern with celebrities and watch 500+ video lessons on dip buying at as patterns repeat over and over and over and over!

0:10 The overall stock market is very, very shaky right now. I would be extremely careful with any stocks you’re trading right now.

2:00 I’m a big student and believer of penny stock patterns in the stock market. Don’t let your ego get too big. Remeber where you came from and didn’t throw it all away on a dumb trade.

4:00 I know a dozen billionaires, and the majority of them are not happy. Money can become a prison if you have too much of it.

6:00 People lose money in the stock market because they let their emotions get out of control. They get cocky and stop playing by the rules.

8:00 Don’t take your anger out outside of the ring. Don’t lose control of your emotions.

10:00 I’ve been warning you guys the entire year that this stock market is very scary, we’re overdue for this type of market.

12:00 The morning penny stock dip-buys are the most reliable patterns in this stock market.

15:00 I want you to pay attention to stock market patterns. Don’t long these penny stock charts.

17:00 I’m taking my penny stock singles and my hits here and there.

19:00 The lesson here is to study stock market patterns, study the history and learn from the past. Live the best life that you can, make the best penny stock trades that you can and study the patterns!


Pavle Plazincic says:

I will study hard!

Liam Tanner says:

I've seen the video with Connor and I know exactly what he did wrong. Money doesn't mean you're above the law, nor does it mean you are above others. I think money is a tool needed to live, and let live. As any tool, it can be used wrong and be misinterpreted in some instances. As for the patterns, I have learned that the most simple patterns are the best, because the simpler it is, the easier it is to see and to get an edge from. Thanks Tim for the video!

Zafra Jr says:

I will study.

Alita Terry says:

I will study

Suby says:

i will study

Tiny Trader88 says:

I don't have FOMO,  I have fear of FOFU, fear of fucking up!  I will study! I am studying!   No days off! Study the past!  I wish I could afford your course, but thank you very much for the free stuff Tim!  As soon as I can, I am upgrading all my tools!

Colin says:

Do you look at the down gappers on your scanners for these dip buys?

Rick Fx says:

Great video Tim, this is your truly style!!!🙌

benni MAIER says:

the sykes- armee…all victims!!

Brandon Barbera says:

Ive been watching tim for 2 years now and I can officially say that hes not an actual trader and he just manipulates profitly, dont waste your money on this douche, his methods are outdated and he bullshits his "teachings" as he goes dont make the mistake I did. Dont follow this bs, the best thing u can do right now is short the market. No bullcrap dip buying in this downtrend. Hes just not an actual trader, he made his money in the bubble and just kept selling teaching courses. Run away from it, I wasted my time and money on his garbage and I hope no one else goes through what I did, I followed his rules and "lessons" but its all crap! Except maybe for cutting losses quickly that has helped. But thats basic trading knowledge.

Jesus Arce says:

Yes sir. I will study

Robert Priest says:

I will study. I am glad I'm not the only one that suspects the machines may take over.

Michael Esparza says:

i’m so grateful to call my teacher!!! last year being broke. too much positive energy and motivation you have given me

Rey Delagdo says:

I will study

Lewis Ford says:

I Will Study

Vincenzo Migliaccio says:

I will study. No days off.

George Bare says:

Study hard!!!!

VangiP1 says:

I will study. And I will make it.

Mitchell Meyers says:

I will study

LampOfMagic says:

i will study

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