THE NEXT BIG TRADE IS HERE – My Watchlist – Stocks Drop Faster Than 2008 Financial Crisis

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The stock market saw one of the biggest drops in history, but even more concerning, this was the fastest 20% drop since the 2008 financial crisis and happened faster than the Lehman Brothers Incident. That being said I go over what happened in the stock market today and how I am setting up for my next big trade. My portfolio has been doing good with all the protection however the unique moves across asset classes and action by the Fed pumping in 1.5 TRILLION in liquidity through repo operations, has me eyeing a strategy to take advantage of the market volatility. There is one stock to buy however I will be waiting on that one if tomorrow make the opportunity available. Nonetheless, there is still a lot to watch out for and the key here is understand the value of the dollar and how things like oil prices and stimulus could affect us. It was a wild day and truly sobering for all investors so I hope you are ready! POST YOUR WATCHLIST BELOW AND SEE YOU IN THE MORNING!

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Meech Smith says:

Yooo I need opinions from the community about "HERTZ" rental stock (long term). Is it worth it? I know rental cars will be around for a long time (according to my logic)

Super_Squid303 says:

Do you have music on Spotify, Soundcloud or any platform available? The intros are 🔥

Anvar Ruziev says:

My new favorite channel!

Wesley Woodworth says:

Have you made you plays already???

Dill Pickles says:

Cody brox kick rocks

Howard maryon-davis says:

I am 70 years old, and have seen markets go into reverse before. The term “Black Friday” originally referred to a market reverse many years ago, in London. The market had become heavily influenced by “bots” put in place to do automatic trades, and a small drop in value from Wall Street triggered them all to go into free fall, a bit like Siri and Alexa having an argument. The men and women trading were young, and had never experienced a falling market before and had no clue what to do. After a few days, the market began to recover, after the bots were disconnected, and real humans, including some retired experienced people were invited to share their knowledge. The real problem here is not the virus, it is opec and Russia and the world oil market. Don’t forget, you only lose money if you panic and sell.

George Ogan says:

Can you explain the inns and outs of the ghetto spread? The video doesn't explain it well enough because you're not showing it live or during trading hours. A little tip: While live streaming, plan on recording different tips that you can cut from the live feed and upload as a separate tip video. That way it will show live what you're doing then explaining something without an action happening.

Anyways, I did a ghetto spread on TLT taking a nice chunk of profits and want to know if I can now get out of it at anytime and profit even more or do I need to leave it and let it expire?

afox78 says:

Man I wish I had some extra change to buy all airlines all cruise lines and some others, and not check them again until 2022 or later. 🤤

Chambea Alert says:

Is webull or Robinhood better?

rokkosir100 says:

what is this chart program called?

CoinFox says:

Today is the day the LORD has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Let's goooooo fam.
AAPL weekly 280 C pd. 20
Spy weekly 280C pd .10
GLD 4/17 125P pd .09
AAL weekly 18C pd .06

Watching daily snipes in GILD, MRNA, TLT, TBT
Have a great day fam!

Built By Baileys says:

School district here now closed. I guess I will be at home with my kids until further notice. I got calls on toilet paper and water. There is a much deeper issue at play here now, and its not the Wuhan. Option pricing is getting weird and there seems to be some odd manipulation, most likely in order to avoid another 2008. Banks are dried up, money is stagnant. Stay focused and smart. Patience is the name of the game. Sit out if you are confused. I am sitting on some cash, I have a TLT debit spread and an AAL call (playing the weirdness)

J Lehman says:

"something" is happening… It's called REDISTRIBUTION OF EEALTH

MyPartyCloud says:

Just want to tell you. I really enjoy listen to this crazy stuff from you everyday. You are good at making me laugh and having a great time. I wish you all the best. Best regards Denmark

Jan Z says:

AMZN, GOOGL, AMD, MSFT, GS, ENPH, NXPI, TSLA, and AAPL!!! The shopping list is growing!!! waiting to snipe!!!

Daddy George says:

Italy and Spain ban short selling!

Micheal Newton says:

With Disney shutting down parks should we buy some Disney PUTs?

Owen Inkley says:


Alexander Bollinger says:

How do I see that "Cash" amount on the Robinhood app? I can't seem to find it. Or is it only on the website?

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