The Next Financial Crisis Is Coming

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Watch the whole video before jumping to conclusions or buying put options lol I don’t think its imminent but its close. A minor correction and bounce is in the near term, but a lot of money is wasted chasing these opportunities so stay flexible. I want you guys to all be prepared and at the very least cautious and having a source of news to look at. There is a part two to this I will make that I will show my number one indicator to predict a market crash/economic collapse but I am not really ready to share it with everyone just yet because I don’t want people to go crazy or try to time a market crash. Either way, sure this will educate most of you and hope this helps, would love your feedback!


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Holigent Reconstruct says:

This imminent threat is why we must begin building (on the scale of the New Deal) live/work, pedestrian communities with HYBRID ECONOMIES and social contracts to secure quality of life and sustainability–no matter what is happening with the global economy.

Gabriel Shear says:

Just blathering on with no info ..
60 seconds or less ..
Just the high lights please ..
Thank God For fast forward ..

finn1951 says:

Just more fear porn !!

Crob O says:

HEY GUYS! I made a shit load of fake money in stocks. I committed usury like the big banks and helped feed the system of the beast. WOOOO.

Uch Prez says:

Iran Dollar ? I think you mean the Rial

Ahmed diamond العامري says:

Nothing New but New thing is if you tell us precisely when exactly in which month or in which day

David Summit says:

Give a child a piece of silver today

Dan Rom says:

Nothing will happen.

George Stobbart says:


Llukan Gjika says:

I want my 15 minutes back. No news , just an annoying nasal voice for a whole 15 minutes.

Dylan Bennett says:

Could you talk more about how to interpret macro developments and how to trade based of them?

Dylan Bennett says:

Could you talk more about how to interpret macro developments and how to trade based of them?

Stanko Balaban says:

Gold and Silver is only protection for storing wealth.

Apps says:

What will happen to bitcoin during recession?

Mark Perugini says:


Walter Mercado says:

Not going to lie, I am kind of scared but at the same time a little intrigued and excited. I've seen many other people talking about the same thing lately especially about real estate.

watsonbry77 says:

Nice man my favorite video of yours recently. Not because of the fear/gain aspect but because of the econ talk and you explain it well .
it will be interesting to see how all this plays out with the combination of the wealth divide growing with stagnant wages and consumer debt at all time high vs market ramping for those who can putting $ back in market while interest rates at 10 year high.
tons of fun stuff going on there with lots of factors to watch/learn about

Valentin Antonenko says:

Thanks Josh for very important message. It becomes very interesting time to see how digital markets will handle maybe the biggest crisis in history, Ray Dalio the founder of the biggest hedge fund in the world said he expects first signs of recession in 2019.

AllenBrook Parsons says:

Awesome video. Really dig the content on true value and connecting the dots. Keep it coming!

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