The Next Flash Crash, Gold Sellers Getting Weak, Day Trading with Jeffrey Wagner

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Unfortunately months ago our friend Jim Comiskey passed away. Here to continue the flame and provide some excellent market trading analysis is his partner Jeffrey Wagner. This is a very important interview with key insights into Europe, today’s trading philosophy and an objective view on trading gold & silver. The potential for a flash crash and massive moves is the greatest it has been since 2008 or 2010. If you’re a market trader, don’t miss a second of this interview!

More from Jeffrey Wagner:
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01:00 Jeffrey Intro, Jim Comiskey’s passing
03:30 Potential Flash Crash in Commodities? Beware
04:40 Swiss Government has 50 Year Negative Rate Bond
06:50 May 6 2010 Flash Crash Review, No Liquidity
08:00 Algorithms are Running our Markets…Crazy
09:40 Why Gold price crashed after BREXIT
11:25 Value is Now in Gold since Shorts are Out
14:20 Time to short stocks
15:10 Temporary spike down before next gold rally
16:30 Buy the bullion not the ETF
18:00 January Effect Coming, What will 2017 Bring?
19:40 Europe’s Markets with BREXIT lack of liquidity
21:00 Current trading tied to central bank policy
23:00 Playing today’s market with options
26:00 2011 Silver Run-up, Can happen once again
27:40 COMEX Silver margin requirements, chessboard
28:40 Make plan – Lose $15,000 profit in hours example
31:00 Get more from Jeffrey Wagner, IFG Futures


Paul Eberhart says:

hmmmm….sdr changes pricing in fx? not dollar strength, but pound, yen, euro weakness…cause usd/mxn stabilized and peso now strengthening…majors still looking for landings

jimsjoe1 says:

What happens in a collapse in equity markets is that the retail traders and investors get spooked and start selling causing the market to do down and then the algos issue additional sell orders causing the collapse. There is virtually no retail left in the Dow. It is mostly professional traders and investors and of course those that manage other people funds. With no retail you can have no collapse just a normal correction and then the market goes back up!
The HFT algos actually have been driving price up on the Comex when there is short term dollar weakness and they pile on the shorts when dollar strength returns riding price weakness back down. There is a certain level the algos have been driving price to and then adding shorts. Martin Armstrong's computer models forecast months ago that if the gold price did not break the 1362 bearish reversal level by July's close we would see price weakness and we did. The price did not break the August close, the September close nor the quarterly close. The algos first drove price to 1360, (Brexit day), then 1372, 3 times to 1366, then to 1363, then to 1361, then to 1357, then to 1350 and finally to 1360 and every time at around this bearish reversal level when dollar strength returned, the traders piled on shorts and rode price weakness back down. The last two weeks at the start of the London afternoon sessions, currency traders were monkey hammering the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses causing dollar strength which caused commodity weakness including gold and silver. When London closed the New York traders drove the pairs back up in price. The next day London would drive prices back down. Both London wants a weaker pound and the US wants a weaker dollar. The UK to help exports. The US to help exports and the banks who have lent trillions to foreign entities and a strong dollar makes these loans difficult to service. Then in Europe you have been having entities there exchange euros for dollars causing even more dollar strength with a dollar shortage their. On top of this countries have been devaluing their currencies against the dollar adding more dollar strength and also huge international capital flows have been flooding into the dollar. The Fed actually asked central banks to sell dollars and flood the market to create dollar weakness but it hasn't worked. A strong dollar creates commodity weakness including gold and silver.
This is not manipulation as some claim as the HFT algos always drive short price in the opposite direction of the longer term trend as this cannot be manipulated. So many people on the net have fallen for the pm promoters nonsense that some "cartel" is smashing prices to instill dollar confidence when ever price goes down but actually the Fed has been doing the opposite and wants less confidence not more for the reasons above. This is simply how one market, currencies, effects other markets like the Comex, the CME, the NYMEX and the Dow. It is all about capital flows and Armstrong's computer models track these capital flows and make forecast based on them.
Currently currency traders are pushing up the crosses, (dollar weakness) with the HFT algos at the Comex pushing up the gold price again to the 1362 bearish reversal level with the gold price currently at the 1358 level. Every thing is connected!

newsunit says:

This is the first honest assessment of the markets that I've heard since Jim Comiskey passed away. You have to remember where Jeff Wagner comes from and who he worked with. These guys are not sitting in their mom's basement somewhere eating pizza. These guys are amidst the skyscrapers and are actively involved in the real arena of markets and trading.

banginghats2 says:

Thanks, very good interview.

Files Shared says:

Hey we go trying to analize a manipulated market again…

Motivation says:

I like Gold at this level but there are too many unknowns. 1.) Fed talk. The fed meeting is December where they will decide to raise interest rates. Every time the fed cries"wolf" = "we are likely to raise rates" gold drops. 2.) Russia/US tensions are heating up. You would think Gold would be high by now. But noooo. God is much low. Russia/US tension is heating up and no bullish move is Gold has been made further upward. 3.) Trump/Clinton presidency. The way I look at this is if Clinton wins the bankers are happy and Gold will go up. But if Trump wins well we have another BreExit and gold goes up possibly during the short term panic. Every main stream media in net short on Trump. This has to be the biggest short ever in presidential history. If Trump wins which I think is likely given the other flash polls, the market will be shocked!!!! 4.) People are talking about a black swan event by the end of the year. Could be an attack, could be Russian/us aggression. Honestly I will wait till the fed talk this December. There is a 50% chance the Fed will raise rates this December. That will bring the price of Gold way down possibly back to the 1100 levels like early this year dependent on the presidency. Thus December-early 2017 will be my entry point. Now does not make any sense.

Fairfanx says:

I liked the video but I'm sorry. Kenneth A. needs to stop with this over-pronunciation of everything! Damn.

michael massey says:

my mom calls my dad fiend name at night

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