The Next Market Crash & the Dangers Warren Buffett Sees

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Meet Kevin says:

I bet this Kevin guy is already filming another video… rumor has it about real estate

dj458 dj458 says:

Sienfield wanna be

Rich Law says:

Lol these kids, talk talk and knows nothing. If you know shit, why don’t you actual business instead relying YouTube pity money. Business is not reading class homie

Richard Denton says:

Warren is not spending a cent at the moment. If you go by his maxim, it would appear that he sees others as being greedy at the moment in that the stock market is going up whilst Warren is acting fearfully and not buying. Warren spoke for a while about how over the long term America will succeed. This is a man who sees danger now, but that is assured that in the YEARS ahead that America will regain its loses. The problems are only just beginning, and Warren has been around long enough to know this.

JaŚöN KíNg says:




imeldo marcos says:

That was a low blow saying warren is old and scared.

Samurai Jack says:

In these times and any times for that matter ;- Best is to invest in yourself, acquire knowledge and skill to lift yourself up. Keep your spending basic . A penny saved is a penny earned.

Jessica Davidson says:

Trading with Mr. Peter Scott was the most incredible trading experience I have ever had, I have earned over $ 15,000 over the months.

ACT1O1 says:

you folks should be watching Real Vision. Kevin is cool but he isn’t about that macroeconomic life.

Martain Roth says:

How do you buy undervalued real estate? You find people who are willing to give up their wealth for your profit.

Bite Hunter says:

At Buffett’s age, taking out his money seems logical. He will be on his way into eternal life. He probably just wants to remove his money to reinvest it in the betterment of humanity before the good Lord takes him.

Douglas Landfield says:

Hertz is filing bankruptcy. It’s a matter of time when anything to do with travel will collapse. Carnival and cruise lines are toast.

Cindy says:

Hi Kevin. I’m so glad to have met you otherwise I’ll be clueless. I am from Canada and I like to know what you’re thoughts on Air Canada? Better airline than the states? They have money to last for 10 months I think? I would really appreciate your help

Cindy Wright says:

Warren Buffet is full of shit!!

FrEdDiE says:

Buffet is white and old appears harmless but is just as crooked as a common thief, insider trading….

simion33 says:

bottoms in. no crash. btfd.

Kyle Bell says:

How about a food shortage causing millions of people to take money out to pay more to feed their families. Or the numbers of people that are going to retire early because they don't have a job and everything gets sold because people need their money. Or how about the case totals keep going up and we re-lock down. Theres 1,000 different ways it can crash and only like a handful that might be enough to make it go up. That'show we know its going to fall off a cliff.

love life says:

If a 500k house comes to market for 400k and needs 50k in repairs and you resell it for 600k or 650k….uhmm how can you do that? The house is worth 500k, based on your hypothesis

Sam Sanandajifar says:

Hey Kevin can u look i to PrIvate mortgage insurance stocks like NMIH and ESNT and give your outlook. They are down 50 to 70 percent still and i dont see a foreclosure crisis considering how strong the average home buyers qualifications have been and all the forbearance options for those that really need it

A. I. says:

Good job , worth it to watch.

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