The Next Stock Market Crash: Closer than we Think

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Donald Trump just tested positive for covid. What does this mean for stocks? Should you buy or sell stocks? Buying opportunity? Hope Hicks positive covid. Melanie Trump covid. Coronavirus impact on election and stocks. This is a massive uncertainty risk.

What are the odds of Donald Trump dying from Covid? 6.09%.
Does Donald Trump have covid symptoms? Not as of October 1, 2020. However we expect to hear positive messaging throughout Trump’s diagnosis until potentially Trump’s symptoms worsen.

Covid Timeframe: Trump’s symptoms may begin between October 1 and October 14. However, it’s most likely that we’ll see a change in symptoms by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Odds of Trump dying from Covid:

Impact of Democratic Biden Win on Stock Market?

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Meet Kevin says:

Holy smokas

askari thagreat says:

China is laughing at trump right now

Brian's Thought says:

0:40 I can finally enjoy life because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

Cody WY says:

Kevin drunk on Covid Coolaide . Triump has a 99% chance of a full recovery….

Bryan Chandler says:

We need an edge as investors and playing the market like everyone else isn’t going to give us that edge, now we often look to insider investors insider trading looking outside for tips, market manipułation and we blame almost everything for not having that insider information that’s why I always take time to introduce investors to the idea of having a professional in their corner.

Paycheckfrank says:

Robinhood or Webull ?

Paycheckfrank says:

If it drops it drops im still buying!

Kadir Khan says:

Guys pay attention to Adil Pharmaceuticals
is a hot stock to get in right now at $2.13 before it explodes. Adil was just granted the FIRST EVER FDA Emergency Use AUTHORITYZATION for its Covid19 antibody test and just started receiving orders right away. Adil is a small company primarily focused on addiction treatments. Take 10 minutes of your busy time and do your DD. You will be glad you did! Adil is a small cap company with a huge potential! Like I said, Adil was just granted the FIRST EVER FDA Emergency Use Authorization for its antibody Covid test( a global need) So Adil is costing now $2 BUT its Obvious that the price will go up . YOU CAN'T TELL YOU WERE NOT WARNED.

Hot Stock on Radar: Adial Pharmaceuticals, (ADIL) | Digital Market News

Brian 47 says:

If Biden wins the market will crash worse than 1929. It will be an unmitigated disaster, I've set myself up and will have my finger on the button.

Einar Klemensson says:

wait for the crash and then buy TESLA

cogen651 says:

Don't worry, the market is a sham, the FED just buys everything, there isn't price discovery. It's fake

Ranger Thibaut says:

I’ve been hearing this since I first started investing in 2017 …


got out of the market on sept 17. no reason to ride it but im also not long term

Gram Bell says:

1:38 I have no more stress thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

Hassan N says:

Boris had COVID and he’s fine now. He’s about as old as Trump too. High chance Trump will recover the same way

AF S says:

I’ve heard that a crash was coming every day since 1999….

AF S says:

I’ve heard that a crash was coming every day since 1999….

Joyce Koch says:

Get ready for markets to rip much higher this month.

brooke mckay says:

If you only care about money..then this video is for you…

Robert Williams says:

Best case scenario: Trump passes. Pence passes. Pelosi passes. Biden Passes. Stock market tanks. We all buy hundreds of shares of Tesla. Market recovers. We all get rich. Someone younger runs the country. We can hope…

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