The ONLY Stock Trading Video You Will EVER Need In 2019

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If you want to trade stocks without the ugly charts and indicators then watch this step-by-step Day Trading tutorial. Learn How i made my first $100k in 3 months

Learn how to trade stocks for beginners

Day trading stocks live

The purpose of this video is to show you my trading strategy and how I day trade in the stock market with an easy framework that I used every day. If you want to make money trading in the stock market then you have to simplify your trading.

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Zed Monopoly says:

This will go into more details 😉

The course will take you step by step

Christina Masden says:

I was just playing modern medicine scottish presbyterian catholic playboy roulette with trey parker when suddenly a bunch of commie-primordial fgm stoning africans ran in and attacked me. Gee

silvio Castell says:

Would you agree that more than 90% of traders fail?

George Florea says:

What broker do you use? Or doesn't matter? And how much did you invested in this in order to have this profit? thank you

King Henry says:

You cant short sale on cash account…then your subject to PDT rule. so your using a margin account that's well funded

Nasir Uddin says:

Zedd which broker do you use brother

LaIslaGrande 2 says:

Does anybody know what application is he using to buy and sell?

Andrea Ordo Ley says:

I am stocked like I don’t know how to look more stocks. In July there aren’t any for medical …

Grantas Vainauskas says:

Do you need to do all of these trades before market opens ? Like to buy or sell shares

Dee TRUTH says:

Do you look for your patterns from the daily chart?

Bryan ohwofasa says:

I'm a beginner from Africa and been going through your tutorials. Nice job Zed.

As iT reaLLy iS says:

Hi. Just found your channel, where do I start?

D Barbarian says:

So you put in $36,000 with margin included?

AD says:

Solotv84 brought me here….I'm at the education stage and binge watching your vids..Salute Zed

Scream says:

Just left the solo stream 👍🏿

Md.Riday Khan says:

Join Stock Trading zing for free stock discussions, prices, and market sentiment with millions of investors and traders. Stock Trading zing is the largest social network for finance.

Son Of Troy says:

What was the name of the music track during the trade?

Steven León says:

Hello, you are very kind because of what you do and I think I understood your strategy. I cost a lot of English because I do not know how to speak it, but I managed to understand that your strategy is for profit reports and invest accordingly, in addition to what happened with the bubble "dot com" but nowadays in a company that has marijuana, corporations that make up the blockchain or bitcoin.

In summary, your strategy is for profit reporting

And for companies that do what they most demand, to have a benefit, right?

Thank you very much for what you do

Tyson Spiller says:

I'd rather just invest into a large portfolio that will produce more growth than loss with major companies. Then you can spend your other TIME in other investments.

Too Day says:

HAPPY fourth of July Zed!!

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