The Options Secret Used by the Top 1% to Gain Edge – Felix Frey

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5 Billion options were traded in 2018. The secret isn’t IF every trader should use options (they should), the secret is precisely WHEN and HOW to use them. Only the Top 1% know the answers. How is that possible? Felix shows proof that the existing Options Education is incomplete, putting the average investor at an incredible disadvantage. He’s taken all the guesswork out of trading options with a simple yet powerful tool that gives you the answers.


danthemanoni says:

Why cant I find his book for sale anywhere?

Brooklyn Jongkind says:

I wish I was there watching live! I would have loved the opportunity to sit in front of you and pick your brain! Great presentation!

pola vink says:

what about OI? You answered, thank you

Natalie says:

I saw this live at the expo… you were amazing! Thank u!

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