The Power of Options Delta When Trading (What Is Delta)

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The Power of Options Delta When Trading (What Is Delta)

The power of options delta in how it relates to options trading is explained in this simple training video.

If you’ve ever been confused by the concept of options delta in the past, this video will clear up any confusion you may have had.

Whether you trade call options or put options, you can take advantage of options delta to help you limit risk and maximize profits every time you trade options.

Also, if you’re looking to learn how to trade options, understanding options delta is an important first step. “What is options delta?” or “What is delta?” are questioned answered in this video.

You’ll see why you don’t really need to understand the complex Black–Scholes model calculations that determine the actual delta values or the various greeks. You just need to understand the power of options delta to advantage of it as explained in this simple video.

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Lachapelle Womenthe says:

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forexformulasuccess says:

Nice video..

Don O (DONON) says:

newbies, don't just jump buying call options straightaway, this presentation does not include vega which is the volatility, if you buy call when the volatility is high, you could end up not make any money (or even lose) even when the market hits your target.

James McConoughey says:

First time i've ever understood options

Steve Kaldi says:

Excellent video HOWEVER what Delta value are we looking in a trade ? Say a call vertical ???

joein954 says:

great video, easy to understand

ethan allen says:

awesome videos!

Oleg Yarkayev says:

thank you!

Jammer P says:

Great explanation on a difficult subject 

dolma Jitsang says:

thank you very nicely explained.

Mishal SF says:

It's a simple video, but it's worth it. So, if you are one of the weekly options traders you should determine what is the  trend for this week, is it up or down, and base on that buy Call or Put in money.  Is that true?

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