The Probability That A 2015 Stock Market Crash Will Occur Is Rising. By Gregory Mannarino

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Bradley Audrey says:

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resourcefulgirl says:

You're a smart guy and your sharing of information for free is honorable. I'm sharing your videos with everyone I know! Your last 500 subs were from me….kidding. At least a few anyway. I want to make sure people are okay like you do. Thank you!!! You're truly appreciated.

Gregory Mannarino says:

I contend that right here and now we may be on the verge of a major global financial event. Are you ready? On The Threshold Of A Mega-Stock Market Crash. Click here:

cmtmj2006 says:

After the bad job numbers reported on Friday I was expecting a huge lift in the market because its so rigged. Even the low manufacturing number coming out of china did not have an impact on the market. It just went up for no damn reason.

Jay D says:


Daniel Sullivan says:

I love your podcasts, and you are my favorite interviewee on USA Watchdog and other YOUTUBE alt-news sites. Keep up your good work. I know a lot of people are still in denial with respect to this, but who knows – maybe when things get really bad, they'll wake up (too late then, however).

Tukker reparaties says:

Can someone please tell me how I can figure out wether greg is buying or selling the option he lists on his site!

Gregory Mannarino says:

My newest stock picks on TradersChoice. Click here:

Jay D says:

GREG … ON GLD did you buy or sell that call ? …..

Chadisms says:

Grab the pitch forks boys. There's a revolution happening.

fatburga says:

Australia's spi 200 has some nice gaps going up ATM

Panda Bear says:

9/9/15.. looks like another fairly up day.. It's amazing really.  but when this hits. it's going to be really loud!Yom Kippur = 6pm Sunday 9/13 – 6pm Wed 9/23/15 Rosh Hashanah 6pm  9/23/15!

Bobby C says:

Thanks for the update. The play by play helps. Your credibility rises.

SuperSatan666devil says:

New tie? Nice design!

Jenya Kaz says:

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noviceprepper53 says:

hi sir, thank you for another interesting video. the presidential election is alittle more than a year away and a correction of the magnitude you're talking about would likely impact the election. you've said before that you suspect the market is controlled. if your suspicion is correct, do you think those controlling the market would unleash such a huge correction so close to the election?

MCL says:

Great stuff! What do you think the fare market value really is? For the the Dow or s@p?

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