The Psychology Behind Penny Stocks (Understanding Traders)

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Sean Dekmar says:

Thank you everyone for the support and comments. You can sign up to a Free Two Week Trial at and if you have any questions please email me at 🙂

James c says:

Do I need to purchase TradeIdeas in addition to your service?

Spkz says:

28:15 apparently massive gap down next day! what happen to the euphoria?

Isaac Craney says:

I plan on getting in the market soon. I have been studying for 2 years with Nathan Michaud and Tim Sykes but you are by far my favorite teacher. You hit every topic I have heard from the other gurus but much better. I appreciate the work you are putting in bro.

Ryan Kearns says:

Powerful stuff! Master your psychology to master your wallet! haha Thanks Sean.

Ty Lebron says:

big time rush

Sean Dekmar says:

Thank you for the support everyone. Make sure you check out the links in the description to trade live with me everyday! 🙂

Matthew S says:

Watched this video last night, Profited $322 on Mara this morning by beating the mob to the spot. Thank you Sean, Great teacher!

DJ Vibe, DJ Services says:

What news streamer do you use Sean?

Mohammad Bilal says:

just finished the video cool explanation

Jordan Metcalf says:

Is there a website where you can find all the press releases on all stocks during pre-market hrs? Thanks in advance.

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