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Trading penny stocks is a very popular focus for beginner traders and its no question that penny stocks are extremely risky! In this video I want to highlight the reason beginners find penny stocks to be so attractive and the risk behind trading them!

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brandon lara says:

✊🏻JUST JOINED LPP , just gonna say it’s worth it ..✊🏻🇺🇸🤝

David Oman says:

The camera seems to be focusing on the background rather then on him

Audiophile Polak says:

Take a lesson from every loss you have. You paid for it, so get something out of it. That's my mentality if I make a trading mistake at least.

sashastudiosnyc says:

Ricky. I am 48. day trading for about a year. checked all the "big" guys there on the web. mostly worthless and or will cost you lots of money upfront and no quarantine you will make it back trading with their ideas. You do not quarantine it either, BUT you make sense and you are honest upfront about risks involved, no b.s. Thank you and almost forgot, love your un–ironed t-shirt!!! :). Keep on doing great work, good luck with your RE and car investments. Sasha. NYC.

Kalem St.Louis says:

From trading normal safe stocks I began trading with as a beginner I dropped my account 33% in the first 6 months. I switched over to lower cap and found my own strategy and I’ve made 61% over the last 2 and a half months.
To be fair this can be a luck streak but I seem to excel with stocks with a market cap lower than 250M.

Adam Irelan says:

Everything you said is why i choose to follow you. Hearing you (a successful trader) validate my own understanding is huge for me. I seen thru all the BS out there with watchlists. And firmly believe that "if it was that easy everyone would do it". And with that you are the only person on youtube that ive ever paid to subscribe to. I watched you for approximately a year before i knew your mentally is on point. I will be joining LPP after take my under $200 dollar account to over $1000. As i see that as a sound investement if i can exercise the discipline to grow this account. Hopefully you will be hosting that still. Its just a side project im taking very seriously. And could not have been done without your information.

Maqsoudi Adam says:

what do you think of Brian Shannon's book? Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes: Understand Market Structure and Profit from Trend Alignment

Kealyn Coetzee says:

Can you make a video of pros and cons of FOREX trading?

Cris Gomez says:

Well said Ricky 👍

chase5726 says:

some people never learn how to drive😂😂😂

Reality Rawcast says:

Hive Mind Soul Groups of Reptilians and Archons cluster together with synthetic undercurrent dominance and focus all their energy on weaving subconscious impressions of falsehood on the losers and obfuscating the truth of future market moves for themselves.

Money itself is weaved in black and white magic of these same groups and a synthetic consciousness.

The money should say:

In God We (Don't) Trust

Kevin Snyder says:

Bad pennies. Bad, bad pennies. That’s all I have to say about that. 🍀

W1llbam says:

If you have a 1000$ account 2% gains everyday will be very attractive after just a couple of years you will be sitting at a large account size

Ikääntynyt lapsi says:

trading penny stocks is way to risky for me i dont recommend anyone trade them i tried to learn how to trade them for 4 months and i tried to trade and i lost 7/10 times and my wins were barely wins

Connor Brozio says:

Tim sykes is always preaching that he wants to build self sufficient traders just saying

Ranger 4860 says:

8:45 You do?

baye g says:

Anyone purchased the Learn Plan Profit? Need feedback

David Horken says:

"I'm telling Tim…" – Rancid

Calvin Raab Personal Finance Videos says:

Not all penny stocks are created equal

Nicks Picks says:

I like the mentality of I win or I learn. I always learn from my losses and if I win it’s from learning from my previous losses

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