The Reason I Am Trading Gold After President Trump Paris Accord Speech | Day Trader

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Fernando Guzman says:

Nice man. I use TOS but my 5D-5min chart doesn't show candles like yours only solid bars. Any tip on what I can do?

Ben Neb says:

keep these up man. i really appreciate them. the live trading videos are the most helpful and useful for me.

Treizez34 says:

why does JNUG and JDST have an inverse relationship??

Thomas Cole says:

Grrr.. I want to get in the chat so bad! Thanks for the help, Ricky! Seeing my first profits!

Christian Bautista says:

Ricky! I just joined the group. would love to learn more!

Caissie Gauthier says:

(This might actually not make any sense, I tend to think outside of the box but…) Could this be an attempt of Trump initiating a pump n dump in a sense? I'm new to all this stuff and don't follow media much but I wonder if there's a different logic based on how Trump is expecting society to react.

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