The Reasons of a Selling Off in the Stock Market

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The Reasons of a Selling Off in the Stock Market Many investors and traders want to know the reason for a selling off in the stock market. No one knows and no one will know all the reasons. If you just the reasons to a basic in economy which is based on the idea of supply and demand. You will have the reason without asking more. Thanks

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manujanshu pal says:

i wanna smoke, what he is smoking. This guy is hilarious

Goss Samer says:

More sellers than buyers.

Richard Atkinson says:

I agree with you for the most part. I was just thinking though if you know when there was going to be a chance the market pull back , why would you buy a stock knowing you might get stopped out early and loose on your commissions and stock value. Is there a way to know probabilities that when the market might pull back?

jasweb says:

look i dont think you know what your talking about, stop dragging on and on about why why why and noone knows, and know the facts why this is all happening, i dont think you are properly informed, do you research and your home work, this video dosnt say why t6he sell off is happening…

kzzspf1 says:

Good Video. We will see what happens in the future. For me, it's time to look for bargains.

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