The Return of the Big Caps [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

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The Return of the Big Caps [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – 2/9/2018 –

A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies today. Market recovers, especially the big caps. Are we over the downtrend? Ripple recovers in the big way.

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Full Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Everything I say is my own opinion and you should not take my opinion as financial advice. I own many of the coins I discuss within my videos.


Danielle Contreras says:

Thanks for the great info. I am really curious about your thoughts on crypto games like cryptocelebrities. I hear good things, I hear bad things. Good things…people doubling money. Bad things…people hate the idea of games. What's your take?

Claude Dauman says:

Try . You should be able to access this way.

Bryan Johnson says:

George you have to type US. not WWW.  so type and it will work

Wraith556 says:

Great video as usual. Lots of good info. Thanks.
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Josh says:

HODL till your last breath… brace for weekends MAGIC!

naik singh says:

Hey George. The whole tether seems to have quietened down. Do you have any updates?


I purchased equal amounts in USD of ETH and LTC near the bottom and let them race. ETH won. lol

Christian Picardo says:

Still be carefull …with the impending stockmarket crash

eshwar c says:

Nice video
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Jessica Allen says:

thanks buddy. another decent video.

JP V says:

Check out Achain. A true unknown gem.

Winston Kong says:

George thoughts on Bitgrail and Raiblocks situation? I have raiblocks stuck in Bitgrail and withdrawals have been down for weeks.. I live in the US. Any advice?

JUG TECH says:

Crypto experts 😊
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GoinGreen says:

anybody else thinking the market will dump to 280 B one more time before takeoff?

G H says:

George what you think of the new Loopring in Neo Ico?

Rico High says:

Thanks for the knowledge and video

Mehmet Cadirci says:

cryptocurrency will die but Hyperledger Fabric on IBM blockchain will live on in the future

Superdupertys says:

i know you dont like bitcoin forks but i wouldnt mind collecting them all like they were pokemon. If you own bitcoin and its in a wallet, you will get all forked coins for free like dividends right?

Ricky Martin says:

Love the cash ringer sound, makes me chuckle every time

Mantas Civilka says:

Do you study tje coins and then tell your opinion?

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