The Simple Put Selling Strategy: Earn 5 – 10% in just 30 days

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justgjt says:

If you wanted to own the stock (good blue chip) for CC income, would you sell the ATM put or still sell OTM and see if you get assigned ?

RoxyQueen says:

Can't you see all of what he says he will get for you on think or swim platform?…Like I can see the rsi and any etf I want on their platform…why would someone pay for something that is free

Brad Jon says:

How to sell put options and hedge it?


This guy doesnt start getting to the point until 21:00 minutes in..

Ian Allen says:

You keep claiming 75 to 85% average return rate on a given trade, and then by the central limit theorem, claim the portfolio will tighten around this average as your number of trades go up. But that depends entirely on the assumption that a given trade actually has such a high return on average, which is frankly unheard of. If your bets are random ýou can expect to hit around 50%, though in actuality this will be influenced by global index movements ie are you selling puts in an average bear or bull market, which would move the average somewhat up or down. If your bets are informed, then either you have insider information, or you have common knowledge. And if the knowledge is common, the market (which has a surplus of traders remember) is going to move on it and make the knowledge worthless by cutting out any real margins. And that is really all the proof you need to realize that a 75% average return on a given trade is preposterous: if it was that high, everybody would be doing it and you would be unable to acquire the put at a competitive price in the first place. I watch all these videos like this and the only thing I wonder is this: What angle do the investment firms have to take advantage of an army of home-traders selling put options blindly?

Larry Waite says:

I say we swear him in ASAP.

wnc817 says:

If you know a company is headed towards bankruptcy, go ahead and buy a LEAP put at resistance. Otherwise, selling puts is awesome. Sell puts on companies you want to own, buy puts on companies you wouldn't want to own at any price.

Lewis Low says:

how do you add the RSI into think or swim platform

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