The Simple Strategy – A Powerful Day Trading Strategy For Tradingby Markus Heitkoetter;Mark Ebook

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Read The Simple Strategy – A Powerful Day Trading Strategy For Trading Futures, Stocks, ETFs and Forex by Markus Heitkoetter;Mark Ebook PDF
Author: Markus Heitkoetter;Mark Hodge
Published: 2015-09-05
Learn A Powerful Day Trading Strategy In Less Than 60 Minutes
A profitable trading strategy is the most important tool for a trader.
This book explains a powerful trend-following day trading strategy for trading futures, stocks, ETFs and Forex.
“The Simple Strategy” Is Easy To Understand And To Trade
The Simple Strategy is very popular amongst traders for the following reasons:
Clear Entry Rules
When trading “The Simple Strategy”, there’s no second-guessing. As you will see, the entry rules are based on indicators – and these rules are black and white. Either the MACD is above the zero line or it isn’t. And either the RSI is above 70 or it isn’t. The entries are easy to identify and execute. That’s why this strategy is called “The Simple Strategy”
Clear Exit Rules
When trading “The Simple Strategy” you’ll know when to exit even before you enter the trade. So, you know exactly how much to risk on any given trade which is essential for precise position sizing and money management. Plus, you can put the trade on auto-pilot once your entry order is filled. This keeps trade management to a minimum. It’s easy and simple.
Taking advantage of small intraday trends
These days trends are short-lived. The times when you could enter the market in the morning and exit the market in the afternoon are over. These days the markets can turn on a dime. Low trading commissions and computerized trading have destroyed the nice and long intraday trends. However, with “The Simple Strategy” you can take advantage of the small intraday trends that we are seeing in today’s markets.
You don’t need a sophisticated trading software
If you want to trade “The Simple Strategy”, you only need a charting software with “basic” charting capabilities: Your charting software needs to be able to plot RANGE BARS, BOLLINGER BANDS, MACD and RSI. More


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