The Single Best Thing You Can Do

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Getting educated and giving yourself a chance at abetter future is great, but giving that gift to others is literally the single best thing you can do…please donate to my birthday campaign to build a school at all I need is a few dozen of you to recognize how great of a deed this is and I appreciate EVERY DONATION large and small


Deandre Davis says:

Hi Tim how do i get started i need your book and DVD so can u give me a link so i can get it

Rosa Jerez says:

Omg bless you and the charity so sad to see child sex traffic in Cambodia ? .definitely going to donate, i am from guatemala seen poverty first hand no-one should live thru that ?but so happy to see people like Timothy Sykes who have big hearts ,huge example of always staying humble and aware of the less fortunate, MAY you receive many more blessings ?

xGelo HD says:

I would REALLY want to donate but im broke af

Nestor Vazquez says:

As my appreciation for teaching me & providing free video lessons I went and donated.

Steven Garcia says:

New to your channel, just heard about you over the weekend! love your knowledge and information!
Im newer to trading of course I'm using penny stocks, I definitely want to be a success story for you!!

Bryant Figgs says:

Well I'm not a trader yet (I'm only 16) and i just started saving but yeah I'll donate for this good cause

tyler stranahan says:

but yeah i want to donate 17000+ .

Khalid Arzo says:

You need to invest out there in Afghanistan and help those people to be more educated, please don't give money to some thieves , it will be gone in seconds, our people really need schools, I will keep you in my prayers to be guided to Islam, believe it or not this might seem to be simple invitation but Islam is the best of all gifts that I could give it to you for free, please don't get me wrong but I have almost studied every single religion on the face of the earth, but let me tell you that the only reason which Islam has been misrepresented to the world is because this is the truth and the Devils are always trying to hide it from the people, you will understand and remember me when you get there, please don't forget my word as a gift to you and people around you, like I said you will think about this reality differently but you will get there to realize this fact. again please don't forget me when you get there thanks !

J B says:

keep it coming

ThxWolfie says:

hope my donation helps. Not much but there will be more once i'll be your next millionaire student.

NOVA3player1 says:

who dislikes this Tim in an awesome guy keep it up Tim your the best

Panghoua Yang-Yip says:

Thanks I did my contribute. Im so glad someone like you have a big heart to post free trading lesson n do donations. Deeply appreciate!

coolbully1 says:

You inspire me more every day, way to go man!

tyler stranahan says:

this made me realize i was off pdt today lol idiot and didnt realize ha lets go

Robert Spencer says:

I'm sure the amount has already gone up. Happy Birthday!

soccerdude0896 says:

I dont know how rich you are but from what i see you donate more and more than these superstar athletes, CEO's and and Corporations. Thats my biggest inspiration.

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