The Stock Market Crash 2020 – Day 30

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The Stock Market Crash 2020 – April 3rd (Day 30)

In this episode of “Coffee With Markus” I did a deep dive on exactly how I format my charts in TradingView. In these 8 steps, I’ll walk you through:

The Three Indicators I Rely On:
– Stochastics

These three indicators make up what I refer to as PowerX.

We’ll also spend some time reviewing my active positions in TSLA, BA and a few others before we head into the weekend.

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Rico a says:

Good job sir.
I just got home from work.

The Farmers Daughter says:

OMG people are putting these trades on a credit card! Lol
Love you Marcus, your so up!

Mo DS says:

I like good good good don't change it!!

mrpmj00 says:

The NEWS MEDIA is blowing the unemployment out of proportion by emphasizing the jobs lost instead of the 4.4% rate of unemployment which is a damn good low number; Economic theory says full employment is 4%!
When Obama took office from, Bush, unemployment was 10%.
Republicans said Obama wouldn't be able to get unemployment below 8% yet he got it down to 4%!

Shawn Park says:

I enjoy the time you spend showing us on the graph but you speak too fast when showing people how to follow your steps. But I just have to freeze you numerous times which isn't a big deal but maybe others are telling you something similar and if so then…….. Thanks:-)

Pam Lyde says:

How can we get in the mastermind?

Tahir Khan says:

Can you pls show live option trading

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