The stock market is DEFINITELY going to crash and it’s going to be horrible

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Tiffany W Was says:

so which mean to my ppl….save your money so when the market crash then u could buy at its lowest point…so when it goes back up, MO MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY!!!! LOL

william carter says:

All the advice in the world means nothing if you don't  have a very disciplined way of thought and living…. IFFFF mofo s we   put the same effort/enegy into long term wealth as WE do getting high or shopping as if the worlds going to end tomorrow WE the Blacks could rule the world with ease..

klshufford says:

Well it's not going to go back up this time.

Loren Gibson says:

when u coming to Pittsburgh Dr Watkins!

Bea Alli says:

The title threw me off for a second because I invest……This was really what I needed to hear, it's the same way of thinking I have in terms of the ups and downs of the market. Ride it out.

Chris smith says:

Marc D says:


Jacobs Trouble says:

Except scripture tells us it's about to crash and never rise again

Jane the Friend says:

truth. I've been investing since I was 24. I'm in my 40s now. it allowed me to buy property in cash when I sold some stocks.

iTuber012 says:

If it crashes… GOOD…buy more. Consider it a discount (like Black Friday)

If you can't start a business, you should at least be saving money to leave to the next generation.

i save for retirement and other goals through automation. Automation is like passive saving. it just happens and i don't have to do anything!

I use an app called Acorns. It automatically takes small amounts money out of your account here and there and invests it into a broad holding of stocks via Vanguard(You'll get $5 to start through Acorns if you use this invite as well: )

An app called Digit is good as well!

Just set it and forget it!

I also buy publicly traded companies via an app called Robinhood. it is FREE to buy shares!

Dragon Isley says:

true ie it will

Jonathan Cross says:

This is the absolute WEAKEST rationale that I have EVER heard for investing in white supremacy! Dr. Boyce Watkins is a microeconomic sophist, his sociopolitical theory is existentially naive and culturally immature! This is exactly what happens to a people when the blind begin leading the blind! #newnegroes

C N says:

Boyce, the ones who really did well in the last crash did so because they "shorted" the market. When looking at your syllabus, it seems to focus on psychological issues. Does your class talk about diversification into other areas besides stocks? What about gold, silver and Bitcoin? All the white people are running to buy these things up now. What about teaching how to work with Margin Calls? Just asking.

Jessica Cornwell says:

my thoughts was on that yesterday

KillaB96 says:

You need to have stash to pay 6 months of bills before any long term investing. That is harder than you think to do. If your monthly bills are $2000 you need $12,000 in emergency savings otherwise you hustling backwards putting money into a retirement account you have to pay fees and tax penalties out the ass to pull out like pay day loan rates. If your monthly bills $5000 you need $30,000. Etc

Joshua Duffey says:

Good video brother.

Be ready BeReady says:

What about foreign exchange? The stock market is not reliable

Bas X says:

This professor didn't know about Japan it seems. Japan has been going down since 1988 and has never gone up again, not even close to the former hights.
As long as the interest rates are very low there is not going to be a crash (unless there is a major event). However when the Fed raises interest rates that is going to hurt the potential of the stockmarket.

Demetrius Blackwell says:

isn't that a sign of the world ending?

I can't talk to white ppl about rap says:

You owe me some money Dr boyce I trusted your information and emptied my savings in the stock market and now u say this ? ??? Nah but I bet some of his followers did

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