The Stock Market Is Going To Crash & This Is Why!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the coming crash of the stock market while looking back at past stock market crashes.
It’s not difficult to correlate past crashes. From 1857, 1907, 1914, 1917, 1929, 1987, 2001, 2008 and we’re about to see another one.

We almost feel as if we need to rush this video up because the stock market is so dangerous right now that it could fail before this is posted. Just yesterday the Dow dropped 400 points!
Of course the fundamentals are off the table due to the manipulation of the markets, so we can’t put a date on it. We do however know it will inevitably happen. Realistically it can be put off a bit longer, but we really don’t see how. It’s showing every tell tale sign and it’s absolutely astonishing.

In October 1929, people were flocking to Wall Street in New York. Though there was some rumbling in op ed collums stemming from early September of ’29 that there was going to be a correction, the euphoria had taken control of people’s minds. People were putting every cent they had into the stock market.
A wealthy investor got his shoes shined every day by the same kid. One day, the kid offered him a stock tip. The investor rushed to his office and called his broker telling him to sell everything. As the investor said, “When the boy that shines me shoes gives me stock advice, it’s time to get out.”
We are seeing the euphoria again, but at a rate never seen before. There is absolutely no reason for the stock market to be continuing to climb. It makes no sense at all. We are seeing the market overheat due to massive amounts of manipulation. The derivatives, the debt, the starry eyed uninformed investor, all problems that are reaching their peak.
The fact that we just saw BlackRock’s Larry Fink telling people to buy says a lot. They are in desperation mode. They want people to buy high because there is very little left to prop up this doomed stock market.
Margin debt is repeating trends we’ve seen so many times in the past.
Some say Trump is fixing the stock market. That isn’t how it works. It has very very little to do with Trump. This is a bunch of insolvent banks. The 2008 crisis was never solved, it was just piled onto creating a hazardous future problem far mroe epic than 2008. This is banker manipulation and bubbled markets. This is central banking run amok. This is the reality of rigged markets.

This was bound to happen and it all comes down to people protecting themselves by being self sustainable and financially responsible. So we put this video together in order to hopefully help educate people on this incredibly important topic. Responsibility is the basis of freedom and humanity itself. So let’s embrace it by learning, applying and being the change we wish to see.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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Justin Gomez says:

Its already happening
DOWN 870 points collectively
Kick trump between the legs
Cuff his crotch grabbing hands
Cement his mouthpiece
Wait till the Asian markets begin their Pullout

Jimbo says:

Don't listen to these guys… Crytpo is going to crash for real.

Largecoffee says:

Only buy the stocks that go up. Problem solved.

Makki9119 says:

buy the dips

TheBig Bear says:

Cryptocurrency is the answer and future.

wydopnthrtl says:

17:15 to 17:35 is a REALLY good statement! Unfortunately most people don't understand financial freedom.

MrX XxX says:

So will we see a crisis in 2018?

stage51manager says:

The Dow went down 600 points.

Alicia Swoboda says:

It's all about who is going to be the bigger fool with stocks and housing anyone who participates in it deserves what they get even the biggest idiot in the casino knows that house always wins….. It's the bankers house you are playing so when you lose its because you have no gold or silver to cover your gambling habits.

uawsux says:

The stock market is going to crash tomorrow the stock market is going to crash no no no no no next month no no no no no next year no no no no no two years this has been going on for 35 years that I know of I'm an old piece of shit and these gold and silver assholes have been touting this bullshit forever the same fucking shit

John T says:

dow is down 665 today and dow futures are -729…

Adamah Yahawada says:

relieve debt every seven years. its 1611.

Elizabeth Mattke says:

Thank you so much for confirming what's taking place now. God bless you.

chino3642 says:

I started investing last week I jumped in just in time to ride wave down 😂 I hope my strategy of long term investing works out. If not I guess I'll grab a mop.

Mark Nordgård says:

did the DJ crash start today ?

Andrea Wisner says:

You guys seem a bit dorky but you're doing a good job.

Moussaoui Ahmed says:


Mas 95 says:

good boys keep postive news coming bite coin and other way to go stock market will soon may summer or fall 2018

Mark Nordgård says:

gold and silver are crashing

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